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How To Add Pictures or Media Files

How To Add Pictures or Media Files

Adding a Picture to a Post

There are two different ways of uploading a picture to your post.

1. Uploading a Picture from your Computer

  • Click on "Upload a File" (just below Post Reply Box), a pop-up will appear that says 'Upload a file from your Computer'
  • Click on 'Browse', a pop-up will appear that allows you to browse your computer for the picture you want
  • When you have found the file, click on it
  • Click 'Open' (note you can upload multiple files)
  • When a picture has finished uploading, you can choose whether you want to post a 'Thumbnail' or 'Full Image'
  • Place your cursor where you want the image to appear in the post and click on either 'Thumbnail' or 'Full image' and they will appear in your Post Reply Box (note: you can place multiple images within a post)
  • Click 'Post Reply'

View this video too.

Note: a picture will be automatically resized to fit the post space if needed. Try not to upload anything larger than 650 x 650 pixels. If you get an error saying the image is too large, there are many online tools that will resize pictures

2. Uploading a Picture from the Internet

  • Click on the
    icon that is in the editing box just above the Post Reply Box.
  • Enter the 'URL' of the image you wish to upload into the pop-up that appears.
  • Click on 'Insert'.

Uploading Media Files to a Post

You can upload media files from the following sites: Dailymotion; Facebook; Liveleak; Metacafe; Vimeo; YouTube.

  • Click on the
    icon just above the Post Reply Box, a pop-up will appear.
  • Enter the URL into the space provided.
  • Click on 'Embed'
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