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“The Station Fire”

I came across an ad on Facebook for a book about The Station nightclub fire in Rhode Island, USA, in 2003 that killed 100 people and injured many more. Among them was one of my co-workers named Stacie. I remember talking to her on the phone just hours before she was to attend a concert there featuring the '80s rock band Great White; I remember how excited she was about going to see them.

The next morning, after learning about the tragedy in the news, I found myself frantically calling her cell phone, leaving messages on her voicemail to please call me back at the office. Her phone had been off, and she wasn't working her assigned case. I immediately called my boss, John, and said to him that "I think something is very wrong. Stacie is not answering her phone. She went to that concert last night."

In the aftermath, there was video footage of the fire from inside the club. It turns out that Stacie was at the very front of the stage, in plain view on the video. She was likely among the first to perish in the fire.

The Boston Globe would go on to call our office and interview me over the phone about Stacie. Our entire company, small and close-knit, attended her funeral. She had so many friends, so many people who gravitated to her positive energy. Equally tragic, her fiancé, Michael, completely bereft from losing the love of his life, would later go on to take his own life, drowning himself in a pond a half-mile from Stacie’s parents' house.

Two senseless tragedies.

What could be learned, if anything, from such misfortunes? “Hold your loved ones close, tell those you love how much they mean to you, don’t waste time holding grudges, etc.” We hear these platitudes all the time after a tragedy. But what we won’t ever hear in this life are the answers as to why these things happen. We just move forward. Life goes on, you know.


How tragic and sad. I'm so sorry you lost your friend, and I'm sad for her fiancé.:(

What could be learned, if anything, from such misfortunes? “Hold your loved ones close, tell those you love how much they mean to you, don’t waste time holding grudges, etc.
This is great wisdom, and I needed to hear it again. We never know when our time is up.
What a tragic and horrible event, I"d never heard of it. Nor the band, Great White.

Read more about it: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/the-great-white-nightclub-fire-ten-years-later-243338/

What I learned here is to avoid large crowds and loss of control of one's personal space.

The fog machine was operating in 1975 when I attended the Yes Concert. It was pretty cool, all those vapors pouring forth from the stage.

Yet I actually attended the Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd concert, there at the Cow Palace.

I watched them shoot off the rocket, it flew across the entire Palace. It shot thru the big light show screen, which had the Money videos running, this rocket was on fire, shooting out flames, sailing across the pavilion, it bursts through the screen and landed behind the stage. Into a pile of Straw bales.

Thats my memory- I swore I'd never attend a huge venue like the Cow Palace ever again. From our location, we'd be never getting out of there, in that crowd, in a fire.

And this memory that the rocket landed in a pile of straw bales behind the stage, makes no sense and sounds entirely flammable.

Somebody rushed over and put out this rocket fire.

Pink Floyd, Rufous?! That’s legendary!

In my recollections, the concert was in the late afternoon, and an entire circus was vacating the Cow Palace grounds. Good chance, that was the real circus, the most famous of all.

I was standing in some long lines and passing by were decorated cages on wheels with panthers and tigers and lions and elephants. That alone was something to behold.

I need to work on that story, as I was there at the Pink Floyd concert, with my True Love from Fifth Grade. Who I ran into after a twelve year hiatus.

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