The hand like a faucet episode ---- Lymph pain

This is some crappy decease when you are doing well or you get used to the symptoms you have, something else pops up and you have to start all over, the research, the reading the what do I do.....

So I have been struggling with lymph pain and body pain, the body pain stopped after vit D was stopped. Then I sun bathed and the same happened so I am still sore. Maybe is the pain is back or was the sun who knows with this crap who can keep up.

So I was sleeping and I was dreaming my hand was dipped on a bucket of water and I woke up thinking my husband had played a prank, but I realized it was my hand was like a faucet of water. It was not like perspiring, I mean dripping water!!! so I kinda freaked, the whole area was soaked and I checked the rest of my body was dried and all else was normal. Then the water stopped. Went to sleep and woke up with the other hand soaking wet and this time I did had the chest wet also. That day was very freakyyyyyyyyyyy.

By today the lymph nodes are lower in size and mostly normal (not sure the one in the back of the neck, that one is bizarre).

My neck keeps killing me. Stiff and painful. I do not have fevers that I know of (have not measure). Will start doing that.


I read somewhere that a lot of people with M.E. have back of the neck pain. Don't quite know where I read it!
There is a lymph node in the back of the neck's vertical crease. Mine once got as big as an egg. I thought I had cancer! I was still relatively new to M.E.

The hand as dripping faucet? OMG Freak out. I used to sweat up me & the bed, but no discernible faucet. You get a (an unwelcome) page in Ripley's.

I don/t research much any more. My brain is just too tired. But I do read you and others posts and follow through on things that match me.

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