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RANDOM THOUGHTS ... Another Era Is Waving Goodbye, Jimmy Carter Has Entered Home Hospice Care, And It Makes Me Soooo Sad


The strongest of all warriors are these two—
time and patience —Leo Tolstoy


I’m old enough to remember the sneering jokes on late nite TV after
Jimmy Carter’s interview with Playboy and his admission that, in his heart, he’d lusted . Quite
an admission from a devout, practicing, Sunday school teaching Baptist, but made with an
engaging, open honesty and a complete, maybe even oblivious, disregard for the great
mountain of pure gold that he was handing to comedians with nothing better to snigger at.

But love him, or hate him, or not really care much either way, it's hard not to admit that he
led quite the life ....

And I remember Miss Lillian, who at 68 joined
the Peace Corps and served in India for two years, who scared the bejesus out of me with her
direct, steely-Magnolias gaze and uncompromising opinions and spirit. She was another unique
product that could only have been produced by this country, this "Shining City On A Hill".

And the soft spoken, equally-steely-but-in-a-gentler-way Rosalyn, with her quiet wit and
soothing drawl. Another American original.

And the way they’d both fly around the world, building Habitats For
, fighting for the eradication of obscure parasites in uninspiring, dusty and probably
not-all-that-healthy-for-an-aging-body African countries that couldn’t have been the usual
plush, lush or comfy ride of the average political junket. And his determined travels to
oversee elections in countries that weren’t known for honesty, where just his presence seemed
to guarantee, and demand, a fair shake.

He was a vocal and determined defender and promoter of democracy, and, as in every other
part of his life, he lived that faith vehemently, almost exuberantly on his good days, more
sternly on his serious ones.

He and Rosalyn were the among the best this country had to offer: truly
devout, truly kind, truly decent and good human beings, who felt that God had put them here to
do something more than take up space and drink Billy Beer. Not that they ever did. He endured
his wayward brother with love and grace and only an occasional pained wince.

He brokered peace talks between two of the world’s most fussin’ and a-feudin’ nations at that
time: Israel and Egypt, enemies since Moses brought the Jews out of Pharaoh’s land. He set
the week-long attempt at a rapprochement between Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat at
historic Camp David intentionally, and against the horrified outcries of righteous indignation
of practically all of D.C. and a lot of the rest of the nation.

We teased him in print and on TV because, in spite of having been deeply
involved with the Navy's nuclear submarine programs, among other nuclear undertakings, he’d
inevitably say nu-cu-lar instead of ‘nuclear’, even as he was working tirelessly to make sure
that we didn’t get an even closer acquaintance with 'nuclear' and what it could do to the human
body, and to our planet ….

Altho Ronald Reagan got credit
for resolving the Iran hostage crisis, it was Jimmy Carter who agonized and bargained and
threatened and gave a little to get a lot and finally actually got the agreement for the release,
but in a final and despicably low blow, Iran refused to release the hostages while Carter was
in office, which says a lot about the toughness of President Carter’s negotiating skills.

His family said that his health was particularly hard hit during the COVID
pandemic, and the limitations that placed on everything from his globe-trotting good works to
his Sunday School classes at his much beloved Maranatha Baptist church, where he’d shared
his understanding of the Good Book and the Lord for decades, always to an appreciative stand-
ing- room only crowd.

So the symbol of yet another era quietly edges off the stage, and another memory of the country
of my youth fades away, and I’m so very very sad right now.

As Shakespeare wrote (who else? Y’all know my weakness for him and
all those shiny words), “We shall not look upon (their) like again …”


I've always admired Carter and his Presidency. Having to witness the entire country throw him under a bus was very disappointing.

I suffered through the targeted anger, as I had a federal job at the time and we could not get gas as the gas stations refused to serve us.

Its "all that President Carter's fault".

People today still do that. Its just ALL that one somebody's fault.
Awwe. Makes me sooooooooo sad too. One of the few Presidents I ever truly trusted. I have kept all the cards I would receive from the Carters. The ones that everyone gets when they donate to their charities. I loved his cards because they were prints of the paintings he has done which i really really like.

What an honorable man.
One of the few Presidents I ever truly trusted.
I sooooooo agree ..... I'm wracking my 2 current brain cells to think of another one that's come even close in my lifetime.... crickets ....
What an honorable man.
Honorable to the core. It always amazed me that he survived on politics at all .... I think a lot of that survival (remember Truman's famous quote "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog !!! .... another honorable president) was his lovely and equally exceptional wife, and his strong, unwavering faith ....
We shall not look upon (their) like again …”
Hope springs eternal, but .... I tend to agree. Sadly.
I've always admired Carter and his Presidency. Having to witness the entire country throw him under a bus was very disappointing.
Carter spoke to us as adults, while many others treated us like children who would do just about anything to avoid the chores and get the cookies. Perhaps he was mistaken, but I suspect it was a conscious decision on his part to treat Americans with respect and dignity. Just kind of who he is.
What an honorable man.
A rare quality in his area of endeavor, and his honor shone for any to see.
Though it is a quality that apparently made a lot of us uncomfortable, witness We teased him in print and on TV
I think as well, he acted from personal principle. I bet he cringes at the notion of 'feeding the base.' He did not bargain away his integrity --at least not at the level that most in DC do--for access to the levers of power.

It was a real gift to have someone at the helm, no matter how briefly, who was so thoughtful, introspective, generous and guided by love.
I think as well, he acted from personal principle.
I totally agree, and felt that every action he took was from personal principles, not self-aggrandizement or self-enrichment. He was unique....
It was a real gift to have someone at the helm, no matter how briefly, who was so thoughtful, introspective, generous and guided by love.
If I agreed any more, I'd actually be you !!!

Thank you for your thoughtful observations, and not just because they match my own !!!
Yes, Jimmy and Roslyn Carter have been an inspiration to us all. I wonder how many homes he was personally involved in?

I don't blame him for not undergoing further medical treatments. Why? He's 98, and has done right during his lifetime. He has his family close to him and it's so much easier to be the first to say goodbye. A good man who did good deeds. Yours, Lenora
i am too young for Jimmy Carter. The first president i remotely remember (as non-us citizen) was G. W. Bush. when he declared war on the world after the towers collapsed.
But i was too young to care for politics, so the first president i recall was Obama and i liked him. Later i learned i liked his style but not sure about his politics.
Then i rooted for Hillary, and when Trump became president i wrote my testaments (jokingly).
4 Years later i came to mind that the honest politician of all my remembered lifetime has been in fact D. Trump. I didnt like his politics, but he was honest and straight with his opinions. The only politician i know to date who basically was transparent and honest. Probably because he wasnt a politician.
Say what you want about D.T. , but you know and knew what you are getting... and there is some comfort in that.
I think its even worse. Its not like i was grateful or even appreciative for the good in the backgroung . In fact, i think back then we sneered at what we called “do-gooders”. I just didnt know the planet had been placed on a path of destruction in the 50s requiring active intervention
I just didnt know the planet had been placed on a path of destruction in the 50s requiring active intervention
I don't think any of us did, even as recently as a decade or so ago.

The world seemed to have been neatly sorted, except for a few whack-a-doodles, and nothing like the horrors we live thru now .... things have become profoundly frightening and unfathomable, which is why incredible souls like Jimmy Carter ad his equally remarkable wife Rosalyn stand out so sharply against the dismal, roiling, grey background ....
problem of mankind always has been rich powerful dellusional morons and their enablers narcisstic stupid ignorant people who believe they are smarter than others.
these are easy to control and manipulate by those rich asswhipes.

in german we say Gutmensch (~goodhuman) to do-gooders.
those are people who pretend to care for some higher goal but in the end they actually just care about virtue signaling. usually these are people who do harm others and nature the most.
like those who drive with big SUV's their kids to friday for future events. which leave a BIIIIG trail of garbage and devastation behind ... all in the name of saving the planet.
or so called vegans who buy products which are made especially by animal suffering.

thats one rule in life i learned... stay away from people who claim to be good guys.

the sad thing is, i actually am pretty nature conscious and actually want to do real saving the planet. preventing toxins, pollutions and stuff. saving the bees. saving our birds... but nobody cares. its everything co2.
there is no place for real discussion about how to make the planet better because of those co2 cult members.

than there are those conservatives. and in general president Trump had the right ideas, but did it IMHO completely wrong.
instead of ramping up coal and wracking he should have put big amounts of money into building a industry for renewable energies or fusion.
thats also in germany a problem, conservative politicians are too conservative. they do not visionize and they solve new problems with old methods.
so there is only one choice... vote for dogooders who do nothing good at all... or vote for dinosaurs which just drag misery out a bit longer.
we need visioniaries who are free of ideology and come up with real modern rational solutions.

if you think about the money which researchers get for researching fusion for energy... its ridicolous, its a few billion. on the other hand TRILLIONS are spend for social stuff.
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Well, aren't you just a sweet little bluebird singing at my window today!

Don't tell me that ALL people who do good things are in it for the wrong reason. Many do it without a soul knowing....what are they gaining?

No one can change an imperfect world, but let's at least give a round of applause to those who try. Lenora
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Don't tell me that ALL people who do good things are in it for the wrong reason. Many do it without a soul knowing....what are they gaining?

not those who actually DO good things, its those who brag about it.

there are many people who do good things just for the right reasons, right out of their heart and with passion.
usually you do not hear much about them because they are busy, ... doing good things and not talking about it.

i watch these guys daily as they are daily going out, saving seals from sea trash which almost certain would otherwise their painful death.
Sometimes things have to be talked about because more money or help is required. Many people don't know the particulars of an illness, so a popular figure and an open mike is simply required.

People who do this aren't always (or even close to always) wanting attention for their good acts. Is it more saintly not to do anything? Lenora

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