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RANDOM THOUGHTS … Some Input And Thoughts Regarding The Healy Device …


“Better a mouse in a cat’s mouth than a man
in the hands of doctors” — Spanish proverb, 17th C.

When I saw a recent blog here about The Healy Device, and then after another PR member called my attention to it as something that sounded compellingly interesting, I was, like most of us dealing with this crabby little relentless head-butter of an illness, immediately curious about anything that has been noticeably helpful to any of us, since I don’t think that it’s exactly breaking news that, as illnesses go, our options for treatment tend to be dismal, abysmal, or non-existent. Which means that when someone on PR presents something that’s worked for them, I definitely want to know more.

Reading about the Healy Device in @Sunshine's recent blog, I felt that the benefits that she presented were extraordinary and considerable, and were worth, as she suggested, taking a deeper look and doing some additional research. The only option presented in the blog for that undertaking was a link to The Healy Device’s own home page, and after browsing that, I felt that I needed to find a wider range of opinions and options not connected to a source laden with potential personal interest .

While I’m genuinely happy that @Sunshine feels that she and her family have benefited so profoundly from the Healy Device, I felt it was important to provide anyone possibly considering buying one with a broader and deeper range of opinions from which to draw more balanced conclusions while contemplating that purchase, and then doing their own research ….

The Healy Device (costs range from a somewhat pricey gamble at $497, to a gob-smacking $2,497) that Sunshine learned about in Nov 2021 from a friend in Australia and subsequently purchased, was stated by her friend to be ‘ …. quite new ….’, but has actually been around since at least 2018, possibly even earlier outside the US.

And in spite of the manufacturer’s repeated assertions, it has NOT been approved by the FDA. Almost as disquieting to me was the fact that it’s provided thru a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business structure, which often can create varying degrees of pressure on the sellers to, you know ….. sell that thang…. if only to cover their initial investment. Not infrequently in the pursuit of that end, claims and assertions are made about a product’s benefits and performance that don’t necessarily measure up to subsequent, post-purchase experience …

J ust on price alone, this would be a difficult decision for many of us, since restricted incomes are not uncommon with this dismal little dumpster fire of an illness, and every dollar counts …. but if you resonate to the function and purpose of the Healy Device and think that this is the answer for you, and if you can afford it without undue hardship, then definitely go for it, while being aware that it could be something of a gamble ….

So before reaching any decision to swallow hard and dive on in, below are some links to additional info, posted in the genuine interest of more complete disclosure and information than that found on the Healy Device’s home site ...

IS HEALY A SCAM? Review, conclusion and why MLM was a BAD choice! (Truth about Healy series)

And finally, here’s a YouTube video from a reformed Healy Device seller, with retractions and apologies to everyone who read, or possibly even acted, on her previous glowing reviews and promotion before the company became a MLM operation ….

The comments are particularly informative …. there’s a real mix of responses, some positive, quite a lot negative, all unhappy with the company’s decision to convert to an MLM business plan. Others say the Healy Device is terrible, that their unit ceased to function almost immeidately, with no support offered or available from the company and apparently no option for a return and refund of the purchase price.

So it would seem that a lot of the usefulness of the Healy Device depends on the quality of your seller, and the amount of training that they’ve gone thru, among other variables ….

A Skeptical Look at the Healy “Bioresonance” Device
Stephen Barrett, M.D.

December 8, 2022
The Bottom Line

Healy devices have been claimed to help a wide spectrum of health problems. Their use is based on notions that may sound scientific but lack real scientific support. The FDA has cleared Healy devices for sale in the United States for temporary relief of pain, but claims made for them go far beyond what the clearance allows. Healy’s marketers have even admitted that there is no scientific proof that they work as advertised ....

The Healy Is Old Woo in New Clothes
This “frequency” medical device is big with “mamas” on Instagram, but it’s just the latest iteration of a debunked theory.

Not-so-good vibrations
“The Healy is a case study in how pseudoscientific health gadgets are allowed to thrive in a regulatory environment that is not kind to consumers. The device’s claim of supporting health using “frequencies,” meanwhile, is yet another example that pseudo-sciences rarely die. They hibernate, then wake up, clad in the latest fashion, ready to start tempting a new generation.

“In an era of personalized health, however, the Healy is a triumph of marketing. Whereas its ancestors, like Royal Rife’s devices, were meant to tap into universal frequencies, the Healy gives you personalized frequencies by allegedly scanning your body to find out what it needs in the moment and feeding it the right healing frequencies. (While this is an oft-mentioned selling point, only the most expensive Healy devices offer this scanning feature.)

The "science" behind Healy, a lesser talked about MLM

Healy World is a Health Investment scam

“Like most if not all Ponzi schemes, Healy World thrives on affiliate recruitment. Its structure and its compensation plan are meant to support this. It also provides incentives that would spur affiliates into working hard to recruit.”

“With unpopular health devices, unsupported medical claims, and unverified market reach data, these disguised Pyramid schemes rake in wealth for their owners. Healy World stands out amongst them.”

A customer is falling victim of Healy, need help.
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To state the obvious--we are in a veritable sea of ignorance about this illness. No one really knows what causes it, and there is reasonable speculation that there are multiple causes, that what made you sick may be a rather different animal than what made me sick. Doctors who know even a fraction of what we do are incredibly thin on the ground so ... we tend to have to be our own authorities.

That is one of the great offerings of PR--we get to share the things we find helpful and hopefully it sparks something in another member, opens a door they hadn't considered, fine-tunes a treatment that was just a bit off, etc.

I've added certain supplements that I learnt about here to my regimen and they have made a world of difference. I've also tried slews of other supplements I also learnt about here that made me worse or did nothing other than shrink my bank account. It's a crap shoot, and I guess we all have to feel and look into which ideas seem to hold promise for us.

I don't mind--too much-- tossing away $20 on a supplement I hoped would make a difference and didn't.

On the other hand, I have pursued some more expensive avenues that made a huge difference to other PR members, and were not helpful for me. For instance, a member shared her own promising experience with the Mito Red Light and after doing a lot of reading I decided to give it a try. One of the selling points for me--aside from this member's endorsement-- was the 60 day money back guarantee if I did not get what I wanted from it. As it happened, the Mito Red did not work for me. I sent it back. No big deal in the end.

Similarly, I have had amazing luck with the Apollo Nuero, which I shared here. I believe another member decided to give it a go and ....it didn't do much for her. She felt comfortable (I think!) forking over the rather high price based on my experience, her own research AND the fact that there was a 30 day money-back guarantee.

The Healy Device sure looks intriguing, and it appears to have a 14 day money back guarantee. Which is something worth noting.

My point is that we are here, in part, to share what works for us--that is a gift we give one another, but in my experience, there are a lot of 'eureka moments' that do not transfer. I remain thrilled for @Sunshine. Thank goodness she has the benefit of this device, and thanks to her for letting us know about it.

I am also grateful that @Yippee did some more research, as Sunshine suggested, and shared what she found. As Yippee noted, many of us do not have unlimited funds and even Sunshine seems to have had to fundraise for hers. A big decision. It is wonderful that we can put as much information on our collective table as we do. As our own authority, we need as much as we can find. Thanks!
I swear that my biomagnets are very helpful.

they are not a scam. I spent around $65 for a set of magnets.

they are rare earth magnets and they reduce pain and inflammation when applied to certain locations on the body.

I would not call this a cure: it's just helpful. I like helpful.

I use them often. They really help my odd vague neck/lower brain stem head ache.

Just mentioning it here because ...

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