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Oxford Peptides update

There are other videos but here is the peptide related updates
For those of you following my peptide progress.
This is my view and experience only. Consult your doctor to try anything and this does not reflect the view of the forum, only my own.

ME/CFS Oxford Peptides

ME/CFS peptide day 2 and Year 2018


Question about the peptides and medications. It sound like you have to stop all medications for a couple of days around the time of the shot, but what does the doctor say about medications that you absolutely cannot stop or even miss a dose?
The only one like that is Florinef. Every other pill I have is ok. And I am on and off Florinef w no issue. So this is not an issue for me. I will ask next time I see him.

I saw your posts about Oxford Peptides and am wondering if you realize that this could put them in grave jeopardy?

There is a big reason why they do not have any info online about them - or why doctors do not even include them on their websites! It's because they have been kept SECRET for some 40 years in order to protect them from government and Pharma who go after anything holistic that is a promising "cure". These peptides are in a league of their own and were originally developed for cancer, which puts them at an even higher risk.

Are you aware of what Pharma does (in collaboration with government) to shut down many good holistic products and doctors? Are you aware that over 70 holistic doctors have been found dead of mysterious causes because they were high profile in holistic medicine? Do you know the story of Dr Burzynski who has gotten great success treating even incurable cancers with his own peptides (that are not even as good as the Oxford ones)? He was put through hell and dragged through court for many years as they tried to shut him down. There is a documentary about this.

I"m surprised your Oxford Peptides doctor did not inform you of the critical need for secrecy ,as they usually do, and to never post online about these peptides. Again, there is a reason why Oxford publishes nothing online and why doctors don't talk about them on their websites.

Many of us want to tell the world about them to help others, but we can't do so online or in a public forum. It must be done one on one and in private - and then, we also must swear those people to secrecy as well.

For your own sake and for the sake of all of us who want and need to have access to these wonderful peptides, please take down all your posts that mention them.

Thank you!

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