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My Understanding of Freddd's Protocol

These are generalized guidelines, and everyone's process is very individual. You must do your own research to make sure that your implementation of the protocol is appropriate and safe for you. Keep a detailed journal. These are simply my notes in attempting to make sense of how to apply this protocol to me, and since I wrote it all up anyway, I figured I might as well share. I'm certain that all your questions will not be answered here, all my questions are not even answered here. This is just the synthesis of the info that I have collected so far. I’ve tried to make it clear when the information comes from @Freddd (to the best of my research/understanding) and where it comes from me, apologies in advance for any confusion.

Apologies, also, for the funky formatting, I originally composed in Evernote, and there's no great way to export and keep the tables intact.

Edited version upload date: 1/22/15

Moderator note from PatJ (Dec 2019) - I think the original PDF disappeared during our recent upgrade to XenForo 2. I found a copy of the PDF on the Internet Archive and have re-uploaded it here.
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ok, so it looks like i'm not quite right on the adob12 part, so it's already time for an update. If i'm reading correctly, then once a week, one MeB12 dose will be replaced with 30-50mg AdoB12. The AdoB12 will be taken 1/2 tab at a time over 4-5 hours, away from all MeB12. @Freddd (not sure if this sends notifications when I do it in blog posts), if you have time I have a couple questions: If you're taking both B12s sublingually, then how long should you wait after finishing the AdoB12 to take any MeB12. Also, if you're taking all your MeB12 before noon to help with sleep, is it better to do AdoB12 later in the day (if so how long after last MeB12 dose) or just skip a day of MeB12 all together?
Thanks for posting this. If I remember right, Freddd suggested using adenoB12 on a day when methylB12 was not used, though I do not know the exact post. Personally, I would suggest doing adenoB12 earlier in the day.

You might want to contact Freddd directly, as I don't think the blog posts tag.
The MeCbl/ AdoCbl mix varies from person to person. Most recently freddd told me that he takes AdoCbl once a week, for a six-hour window, without MeCbl, but goes back to taking MeCbl right after. Other people he knows need AdoCbl every day. "...some people need it every day in serum where others do fine with the AdoCbl in place in the mitochondria being renewed regularly."
Another correction I need to make - Pure Encapsulations B-Complex is not recommended. If anyone knows what brand is recommended, please let me know.
sheclimber, Summarizing the PM I sent you: my understanding of Freddd's take on the b-complex situation: he does not have a b-complex to recommend. What he does is to take a minimal version that is missing key ingredients -- but also fails to include ones to avoid -- and add on as needed. Specifically NatureMade B-complex: (Thiamin 15mg [B1], Riboflavin 10.2mg [B2], Niacin 50mg [B3], Vitamin B6 5mg, Panthothenic Acid 10mg [B5], C 300mg.) He adds on biotin and others.
I just uploaded an edited version that reflects the changes suggested below for AdoB12 procedure and brand recommendations for B-complex.
just found this b-complex mentioned in one of the forums:
i may give it a try when the one i just bought runs out because it looks pretty good on all the amounts
just keeping track of things i want to factor in for updates, here's a nice cofactor review by @sregan:
TMG is specifically useful to ameliorate the emotional/anxiety negative start-up effects of carnitine, L-Carnitine Fumerate (LCF) in particular.
Sheclimber, I have been taking notes for a while about AKAs on names. Someone just asked about that. Let's circle up and I can share what i have with you.
@minkeygirl, yes, the point of Nature Made is that it's minimal, doesn't have too much b1,b2,b3. But you still need to add in biotin and inositol, according to freddd.
Thanks a lot for your summary. it helped a lot!

Could you tell me, why you have only one MeB12 listed in your table?
I read several times in other documents that Freddd recommends to take two brands, Jarrow Formulas 5mg and Enzymatic Therapy 1mg MeB12 because they were made from different bacteria.
There's something I can't get my head round. - Both summaries suggest taking up to 30mg of Methylfolate to counter paradoxical folate deficiemcy. That's 37 x 800mcg pills - virtually a whole tub. That can't be right??
There are overwhelming information related to Freddd
s protocol, spanning from 2009, with constant modifications and updates, which makes reading and comprehending draining and confusing. Thanks for putting up and sharing your well-thought and well-organized summary. It makes a huge difference!
Am I being stupid? I cant see a link to download here :-/

We recently updated the forum to XenForo 2. I think the attached PDF vanished during the upgrade. I found a copy on the Internet Archive and have updated the blog post to include it.
I did my best to follow freddds protocol and it was very helpful… for some things.

I could never tolerate vitamin c.

recently diagnosed with MCAS by DR Laurence Afrin.

found out I have bad histamine issues and things like vitamin c, which is mostly made out of fermenting corn in the United States, is high in oral histamine.

found a low histamine vitamin c and now I tolerate it fine.
Finding that “citrates” release histamine (magnesium citrate for example)

hope this helps :)

musing mastcell360 website to guide myself on what supplements and vitamins I can takes

I really like metabolic maintenance. All there stuff is A grade. Even their citric acid is purified to take out the histamine. A++++ reactions to over ten of theirs now where other companies I just am in bed for days.
Hope this helps :)


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