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Happy Canada Day

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day, all.

Or for the old-time purists like myself, Happy Dominion Day.

I am celebrating by starting a real blog. I had my website before I was able to get a real blog going, so had a journal of sorts for the last couple of months. But this is way cool, I must say.

Dont know much yet about how to run it but thats how everything starts, right?

I will probably drag my April, May and June journal entries on here once I have gotten to know my way around a bit.

I had a couple of requests for a spot for Comments (like you have on a Real Blog:) so, if anybody has anything they want to say I am ready. And if you have Real Blog advice for a newbie like me, PLEASE let me know.

I havent added any new articles to Ncubator in about a week. Usually I have about 4 articles a week posted, just hit a dry spell for a bit.

Having a new Real Blog to play with helps to rekindle the tired spark.


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