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CFS and Radio Frequency Radiation

Do you have a cordless phone in your bedroom or anywhere in the house?

Digital Electronic Cordless(DECT) phones, emit a continuous radio frequency(RF) pulsing signal similar to a mobile phone 24/7, even when they are not in use. :eek:

They are particularly dangerous in a bedroom with a metal spring mattress as the metal springs act as an RF aerial, pick up the RF signal and can effectively 'cook' you with RF whilst you are sleeping. :In bed:

If you do have one unplug it for a few days and see if it makes a difference. The latest models have been altered so that RF is only emitted when the phone is in use, but most cordless phones still in use are the older type which does continuously emit RF radiation even when not being used.

RF can also radiate through into your house from a neighbour's party wall if they have a cordless phone.

I know of one woman who had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for years and when she got rid of the cordless phone her strength returned to normal.


You might also check if you have been fitted with a new electric 'Smart meter'. They work on exactly the same principle as a cordless phone, continuously transmitting data back to the power company and can cause the same fatigue symptoms in some people.

Heres a video of how a smart meter is damaging a nearby shrub with the RF pulsing. ( the noise is from the detecting instrument,smart meters dont emit any noise).

RF levels increase in proportion to the number of smart meters serving your place of residence and blocks of flats will have a multimeter installation.

RF can radiate through outside walls into properties as this video shows.

Not everyone is sensetive to RF radiation but if you are it may pay to get the levels in your property checked.


Yes... i don't think ME/CFS is caused by that kind of radiation in most cases, but i would never have such a phone where i live. If you can spare yourself that influence it's probably better to avoid it.
DECT cordless phones may not cause CFS but they can certainly worsten symptoms by the increase in RF radiation, which increases superoxide and ROS levels in CFS sufferers. These DECT phones can be up to 50 times stronger than an ordinary mobile phone EVEN when they are not in use because the base docking unit is continually emitting RF pulses 24/7. They are powerful enough to radiate the RF signal throughout every room in your house.

The German government was so worried about the effects of the DECT phones they advised people not to buy them.

Consequently Siemens, the main manufacterer of mobile phones in Germany, now make cordless phones that do not transmit 24 hour RF radiation from the cordless phone base station. These are called ECO DECT phones and Siemens are the only manufacturer I know of that has incorporated this facility to only emit RF radiation when the phone is actually in use.

They have recently started being imported into the US, you can get them from ebay,Amazon and other outlets. Beware of other manufacturers claiming to be ECO DECT but still have the base station still emitting RF when the phone is not in use.

If you absolutely must have a cordless phone in your bedroom these are the type to buy.

Check out the video here showing the RF radiation:



This is an article on the dangers of RF radiation from a Digital Cordless Phone(DECT) with research references.

Most people do not seem to be aware that they are using a phone that works exactly like a mobile phone and radiates microwave frequencies next to their brain in the same manner as a mobile phone, or that the microwave radiation is pulsing out into their home 24/7.

Many people get symptoms which such as palpitations,arrythmias and panic symptoms from the base docking unit even when not using the phone.

If I remember correctly you can get a blood test at Acumen labs (UK) that measures electrical Lymphocyte response to various substances. It seems possible in a disease of cellular abnormality of energy, that RF could adversely affect ME CFS patients in ways we don't understand or even believe. Evidence would be nice though, and for that we need tests.

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