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Beginnings of Cancer Traced to a Shortage of DNA Spare Parts

PWC's have a high rate of cellular die off which is often the cause of so much fatigue. When I was tested, my Cell Free DNA Test showed I was approaching the same level of cellular die off as someone on chemotherapy.:eek:

Bill Sardi shows the problems and dangers of high cell die off states and how to take precautions that enable the body to be able to renew cells without damaged DNA which can cause pre cancerous states.



This is very interesting. I have very high levels of Cell free dna too (22.7 ug, where the top of the range is 9.5) (testing was done by Sarah Myhill in the UK). I noticed in the linked article above (knowledgeofhealth.com), that it says that a shortage of nucleotides combined with a folate deficiency can produce pre-cancerous tissues.

Standard blood work indicates I have a folate or B12 deficiency - my MCV score was 99 I think, and 102 was top of the range, despite doing b12 shots for years.

I'm presently working with Freddd's B12 protocol which utilizes methylfolate and methylcobalamin, and it is helping my energy some, although I still crash.

I had previously been doing Richvank's methylation protocol for 3-1/2 years and kept having toxic symptoms, thought I was detoxing, but Freddd posits that the toxic feeling was actually symptoms of folate deficiency induced by Rich's supplements. I think Rich has since changed some of his protocol.

Freddd believes that folic acid and glutathione and I think he said n-acetyl-cysteine all can induce folate deficiency.

The great thing is that I have no detox symptoms on Freddd's protocol, no negative symptoms, apart from a need for more potassium. So I think I am bearing out his theories.

So hopefully with his protocol I can increase my folate levels (not folic acid!) and get rid of some that free cell dna.

If you haven't already done so, look at Freddd's B12 posts on the forum under the section: Detox: Methylation/B12 etc.
Yikes, liverock, chemo.

Ionic footbath I do regularly indicates cellular debris.

Good to know about what to eat. Dr. Cheney had also mentioned sushi because cooking destroys the DNA, RNA. Too bad about possible contamination with parasites and mercury.

Dr. Cheney: "In terms of external sources of RNA, some excellent sources include Spirulina algae, uncontaminated raw meats or fish (such as Sushi) - cooking destroying RNA and DNA, raw milk, non-denatured whey protein, eggs, fresh/young foods (nuts, seeds, sprouts, baby lettuce etc.). "

I eat meat, eggs, nuts, seeds every day. Very helpful. I never met a seed I don't like, I seem to crave them. Maybe this is why. I'll need to try sprouts, grow them maybe.

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