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Amygdala Retraining Blog is Back!

The AR retraining blog is back and I'm a little embarrassed. The problem is that I've not been doing the training that much. Recently I've found that the 'world'
pulls me in too much. The dog pulls me in greatly since it's so hard to see this vigorous dog sit around with his mopey eyes. The website of course greatly pulls me in. I'm working on some big projects ( at least for me) and thinking about them pulls me in gets my motor running - it's clear to me that I need to tone my motor down. Actually it's not that I need to tone it down I need to have it work more smoothly and when it's running I need to be able to turn it off.

I have had this 'need to produce' for quite a while - probably since I was a kid. When I look at the chatter in my head obviously I'm trying to prove something. Of course this is no different for most people, particularly guys, who are in good health but there's something extra in chronic fatigue syndrome - healthy people can turn it off to some degree - but I think it's an innate part of this disease - at least for me.

I think whatever damage has been done his injured the part of the brain responsible for turning the system on. For some reason physical activity seems to ramp that whole system up.

So, how am I now? I've ramped my system up from too much physical activity. I do believe amygdala retraining has increased my ability to tolerate physical activity without relapsing - in fact I'm sure of that - but I'm still at a very low ebb.

When I was in DC, however, I employed the AR regularly and it was quite powerful. But I've overdone it on all levels - which makes me think that as always -finding the right activity level in this disease - so that you can carve out a small space of wellness to work off of is critical.


And keep that Motor running please Cort - took me alone - but thinking again (not that that intelligence was absent).

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