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Zinc and Alkaline phosphatase?

Is it possible to be deficient in zinc yet have normal alkaline phosphatase levels?

I recently came across "pyroluria" on the web which i'm sure regular posters here will have no doubt heard of. I was very skeptical of it at first, but I found a couple of studies which found that high levels of pyroles in the urine do correlate with lower serum b6. I also read some improvement stories so I thought what the hell and got it tested alongside some other tests I was getting done at Biolab in the uk.

I came back very high at 4 times the cut off level needed to have the condition at 0.32 AU ref range 0.00 to 0.08 (Absorbance Units, not mcg/dl)

Great I thought. I've found something that might work.

I aim to get my nutritional status tested soon to make sure as much as possible (more so for the b6 as serum zinc isn't a good marker). However, I noticed that every time i've had bloods done my alkaline phosphatase was always normal, last time it was high normal. I've read online that this is very sensitive to zinc deficiency, even mild zinc deficiency. Does anyone know whether it's possible to be Zn deficient but normal in alkaline phosphatase? I have a lot of so called tell tale signs of zn deficiency such as white flakes on all of my nails (which i've always had) ,outbreaks of rashes, poor sense of smell and bad stretch marks that continue to appear in inner thighs and under arms despite being slim and not gaining any weight or significant muscle mass.

I asked a professional about this and here's what he said

"My alkaline phosphatase is high normal, according to sources online this should not be the case if zinc deficient"–

wrong, I have had this out with people on many occasions. The reagent by which alkaline phosphatase is measured contains an excess of zinc which, in the measurement process, obviates any functional deficiency of zinc in the patient’s serum

b)is high normal.- could be from the liver or from the bone

c)Would you know if it is possible to be low in zinc and for this to remain normal – yes, I see that all the time

The problem is that people just read things in books (or on the net) and go on repeating them regardless! Don’t worry about your alkaline phosphatase; actually it’s a good thing if it is on the high side, which suggests that you have have a good functioning mass of hepatocytes and/or plenty of active osteoblasts.

Any answers would be much appreciated.
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Don't about the connection with zinc, but my AK has been well outside the normal range (on the high side) every time it has been measured since I got sick.

(Don't know what is was before then. But it is certainly stuck on high now.)
Could be due to issues with bone loss or damage or liver problems from what i've learned online.

Mines is still in the normal range though, it's just more towards the upper levels rather than the lower, which apparently ahouldn't be the case if I had issues with zinc being low.
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Just a side thought here @Demarco090

While considering your zinc status and what to do about it I think it might prove useful to read up on copper since it is important for those two to be in balance. It might provide another perspective around issues with zinc. Kinds vague I know but just a thought.

I've found whenever specific vitamins etc get discussed it's often good to put the information into a wider context. It seems it's always more complicated than it looks.
Yes I'm getting that checked as well, I know Zn deficiency can cause copper accumulation and that excess zinc supplementation can deplete copper.

I'm also getting my Delta 6 Desaturase and different EFA ratios tested as I've read this can be a good proxy for zinc and b6 status.

I just want to make sure this pyroluria is a viable route to take as I know it's not as of yet accepted in the mainstream medical field (probably due to its early exagerated association with with schizophrenia).

Can anyone comment on the content in my original post on this thread? Thanks.