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Your silence is killing M.E.


Senior Member
I've always feared HIV/AIDS.

I've always been inspired by ACTUP.

I've always been stunned by the passivity in regards to HIV/AIDS, ME and now #LongCovid despite the immense suffering.

I've therefore written this blog about activism, fighting back, love, giving a damn & revolutionizing medicine.

Available in Eng, NL & Google translation.

Read, share, let's be loud!!!



Rufous McKinney

Senior Member
Read, share, let's be loud!!!

I read thru that and enjoyed your perspective, including- that we must Act.

One issue perhaps is the ME community- is not as cohesive as the gay community. We are many random people with a whole range of- circumstances scattered here and there.

We are also a very much smaller percentage of- the overall population.

I have never met- someone sick like me, in person.