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Yasko Protocol Conference


Senior Member
Hi, all.

Dr. Amy Yasko has scheduled a conference (called the Yasko Protocol Conference) for July 30 through August 1, 2010 at the Hilton Logan Airport hotel in Boston.

The conference will include application of the Yasko protocol to CFS and other disorders in addition to autism.

There will be a session for practitioners on Friday, July 30.

On Saturday, July 31, there will be talks by Dr. Yasko and other doctors.

The Sunday session will be devoted to questions and answers.

Dr. Neil Nathan and I have been invited to speak on Saturday about our experience in applying a simplified version of the Yasko protocol for treatment of CFS, and I’m looking forward to doing so.

Additional details about the conference can be found at


I will be happy to meet any of you who are interested and able to come.

Rich Van Konynenburg