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XMRV results



Hi Folks:
I just watched the Nancy Klimas video talk. In the last video (#11) she mentions what sounds like isoprinine as a supplement as well as something that sounded like Diram, a sleep inducer. Does anyone have the exact spelling on these two treatments? Thanks! ~FernRhizome

Ten series video of Klimas talk:

It's Isoprinosine (Immunovir). Derek Enlander is using it with this patients. I am interested in learning more about this too. Enlander says it's made in Dublin.

Nancy says: Immunovir (Isoprinosine) some of my patients are on this medication. Its only had phase 2 trials, it hasnt had phase 3 trials. But its more or less a nutraceutical, its an amino acid. But it is also an NK cell enhancer and a cytotoxic T-cell enhancer that may have some antiviral effect.

Derek Enlander says: Isoprinosine (Immunovir) was looked at by Pinching in 2002. (About Ampligen): Its acting on the immune system which, in turn, is then helped to neutralize the virus. In some of the antivirals, for example, Kutapressin/Nexavir/Hepapressin, they all act on the immune system rather than on specific antibodies. As does the Dublin (Immunovir).


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Xyrem and Imunovir?

I thought she said Xyrem.
Xyrem (sodium oxybate) is used to treat cataplexy (sudden loss of muscle strength) and narcolepsy.

And Imunovir.
Imunovir™ (inosine pranobex) is an immunomodulator of the potentiator type which has demonstrated an enhancing effect on the function and number of various cells of the immune system, particularly T lymphocytes.

Quotes are from a web grab.

Paul Cheney MD (Balance the Th1/Th2 Immune System) and other CFS doctors recommend their patients take a product called Immunovir. Immunovir is not only very expensive, but it has to be ordered from Ireland, so it takes a while to get it.
Immunovir is isoprinosine. Outside of the United States, it is also sold as Inosine Pranobex, and Inosine.


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Thanks to all of you for the info on those two treatment directions. This is a great discussion forum! Has anyone here tried xyrem? ~FernRhizome


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I have seen many articles on xyrem being good for us, and also read somewhere that if you have a specific Q T-wave pattern it could be dangerous - doctors in the know will not prescribe it to these patients, so we have to be sure that our doctors know how to read this particular T-wave pattern Maybe someone can explain it better? I'd like to try it



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Xyrem and Isoprinosine/Imunovir

It was Xyrem. Used to be called GHB..or was that GBH? :eek:

There is a thread here (somewhere) abput isoprinosine. Gotta be somewhere in the treatments section. Someone was going to experiment with making isoprinosine out of inosine

I take isoprinosine. I have no side effects thankfully. I think it helped bring me out of a big crash. Not cured, but better than I was. It is not a big gun. Klimas is saying it is in the "nutriceutical" category.

Let's look for that other thread.


Sorry, I am jumping back a bit to the talk on Vitamin D.
I have too high serum vitamin D (though I don't take supplements) and the doc has told me not to go in the sunlight to avoid risk of raising it further.
He said it "fits with the overall picture" i.e. my other blood results, but didn't expand on this.
Does anyone know anything about this? Or how to lower it?
I know too much vitamin D is highly toxic to the liver and is fatal if high enough. Anyone thinking of supplmenting, beware.

Thank You Athene.....Excellent information. I have always cringed when I hear of people taking high dose VitD.....It's a fat soluble vitamin and therefore has the potential for toxicity. In general, I tend to think more along the lines of being very conservative with consuming another supplement without hard evidence of it's need, especially those with a high potential for toxicity. I have seen more than one person blow out their liver from toxic levels of nutritional supplements and meds.
I did a VitD level with Dr P...not sure what it was, but need to look. May I ask what the "overall picture" is?

On P450.....Anyone have access to the graph showing the different Cytochrome enzymes and their target med/toxin? Yes, I used to have it, but it's all over now......



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In Dr. Klimas's video, she said:

"if I ordered a blood test on you right now and it was negative, what would happen to your soul? You know, and yet it might not really be negative, in fact it’s got a one chance in three of being wrong."

Does this 1 in 3 chance of being wrong apply to the CD and VIP DX tests going on now?

In other words, should we not be taking seriously the lack of positives we are seeing?

I know her comments were about a month ago- but are they still relevant?


I think the 1 in 3 false negatives apply to those who tested positive only after a certain plasma test (having first tested negative)....and my understanding is that this particular test isn't being offered yet?
Anyone correct me if I'm wrong please?
Athene, there are two kinds of d tests, the D3 is 25-OH and the active D is 1,25 D.
The D3 stores is tha standard test.

Was that one high, or the other one??