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XMRV Awareness Video


Senior Member
Hi, check out my video. The idea is to spread awareness for XMRV and to get patients from other affected diseases involved along with us.


"A newly discovered retrovirus may be the explanation for old diseases. But there were clues that this existed going back to the 1980's. Government inaction over the past few decades has caused this retrovirus to spread widely in the general population and blood supply. This epidemic is at least 10 times the size of HIV/AIDS."


Senior Member
Great video, caledonia! Concise, factually tight, images and text powerful in their simplicity, and leaves one curious to learn more.

Thank you for your work!


Senior Member
Sofa, UK
I think I've now added all the latest videos from the last few weeks to the "Video Library" thread:

I think I've included nearly all the videos discussed in threads on this forum, but the library's by no means comprehensive of course - the doctors section in particular could do with some more links - so please feel free to add suggested links, comments etc - and any videos as they're released in the future - to that thread, and I'll continue to update the 'index'. It's a work in progress, of course, all suggestions most welcome.

And huge thanks to everyone involved in all these videos, I think they're all brilliant!