Women are relying more on 'Dr Google' than their GP .... I'm, like, totally stunned !!!!

Rufous McKinney

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Yes, because they have to earn a living. It doesnt invalidate the information.

No new news there, but I suppose somebody might have never yet heard this news!

Reminds me of a moment in fiction in White Lotus (HBO). That young woman, a writer, wrote up some article about somebody else, using other peoples articles. Then she meets who she wrote her article about. Oh, how awkward. There is alot of this these days. Regurtitations. Reshuffles. Re-served up. Re-runs.

That's one of the big problems with single payer health care systems

It sounds like from the horror stories, if you don't do the one thing they tell you to do, your out of luck thats it for seeing somebody else, or second opinions, or another chance.

We can just go find some other random GP, if our GP is super horrible. Not sure what happens after that, as I never seem to get to this after-place.

One time it worked out to my benefit, the other ten times, not so much.


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And here we are again, with another article on how vastly and shamefully women are underserved, disdained, dismissed, and ignored in our already seriously flawed medical system, whether you’re a man, a woman, a child, or an osprey.

Actually, if you’re an osprey, you stand a better chance. Vets seem more closely attuned to their patients ills and needs, and more determined to address them fully, and with genuine empathy and concern. At least most of them.

Women are relying more on 'Dr Google' than their GP: 'We're not being listened to' …. AUG 14

I know this may be a controversial opinion (sarcasm emoji here), but I think we deserve at least as much attentive concern as a monitor lizard, fantastic as they may be ...

What do y'all think ????

Only women, mind. We are such an inherently anxious breed who histrionically hyperfocus on our horrifying and debilitating health conditions, rather than take good old GPs advice to just stop complaining, and smile more - maybe consider that we are actually not unwell? Sometimes I think an osprey would be taken more seriously than I have been in the past (and occassionally present).

Hope y'all doing ok out there x

disclaimer: I did not read the article, my eyes were rolling too much at the headline.

second disclaimer: not to diminish the suffering of all gendered people who feel gaslit (understatement) by the medical community and know that specific, defeating emotional trauma, something difficult to describe, that goes along with it. But the disgrace of how women with all ailments (especially 'women's issues') are treated by medical community should be something akin to the #metoo movement. It is everyone. I know so many women young or otherwise who've had to fight tooth and nail to get any help at all with endometriosis, menopause EVERYTHING. I read its something like you're 60% less likely as a woman to get prescribed pain meds in the UK for equivalent ailments, coz you no, probably just whining about nothing -_-