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Will methylation help me? Some effects of supplements on me

Hi guys, this is my first post here. I have been lurking here since 2 weeks, reading all about methylation. I am suffering from CFS, digestion problems, impaired liver function, depression, anxiety, low libido, memory problems, learning problems and brain fog issues since 3 years.
Here is how certain supplements have affected me and from that perhaps you can tell me if I have methylation problems and I can benefit from a methylation protocol.

1) B complex vitamins:

I couldn't get out of bed, had no energy to walk or even talk. I used to lay for 8 hours on the bed (excluding 8 hours of sleep). I was also depressed, couldn't laugh, didn't have zest for life, lost all interest in things. Sometimes I used to force myself to go for a walk and I walked so slowly that 60 year old people were walking faster than me (I am 27). I didn't even had energy to talk a bath.

Then I read somewhere that B complex vitamins are important for energy production. So I took a B complex capsule and within 2 hours I was feeling awesome! I was happy, I had lots of energy and when I went out for a walk with my friend he said that I was walking to fast and that I should slow down! I was laughing, making jokes with him. I felt alive after such a long time that evening.

I kept talking B complex everyday but after sometime its effect diminished. My energy levels decreased and my walking speed also decreased. It improved my energy levels permanently though so that I was going for a 45 minutes walk 2 times a day.

2) ATP co-factors: 100 mg (riboflavin) and 500 mg no flush B3 (Niacin):
After 2 months I read that 100 mg B2 and 500 mg B3 can give a boost in ATP production which gives you energy. So I took a 100mg B2 capsule and 500mg B3 capsule and within 15 minutes I could sense my muscles getting energized. I had so much energy, I was so happy and I got so many things done. But its effect lasted only for a few hours. Every time I take this dose of B2 and B3 it gives me a lot of energy.

3) Liver flush:
I read about the liver flushes on curezone and about the importance of a healthy liver so I decided I would try it. After my first liver flush, 70% of my depression was gone! I was astounded at the difference. I was happier, less anxious and had more energy. So I continued to do the liver flushes and as of today I have done 6 of them and it had helped me a lot with my depression. I think my liver was blocked with a lot of toxins.

4) Liver detoxifier and regenerator herbs:
Since liver flushes helped me a lot, I search some more into liver health and found out Now foods' Liver detoxifier and regenerator. I started taking 6 caps a day from 29th April 2016 and to my astonishment my stools were light brown in color for the first time in 18 months! Before this my stools were pale yellow in color. Also, I used to get these white head and black heads on my nose since 3 years which would come back the next day even if I removed them with a face wash. Since using this product I don't get any more white heads or black heads. Does this mean that my detox system has started to work again?

Some of the most important ingredients in this product is reduced glutathione, l-methionine, phosphatidyl choline, N acetyl cysteine and L carnitine base. Since all of this contribute to glutathione production, I can say that I do have methylation problems. Also, I am getting all these crashes which make me suddenly tired for 2-3 hours and I have to lie down immediately because I lose my energy suddenly. I think this is some detox symptom because when this happens I usually get very into fight and flight mode (somewhat fearful).

Since using the liver detoxifier since the last 15 days my depression is almost gone and I am happier than I have been in the last 2 years. I no longer have suicide thoughts! People are telling me that I look better and not tired.

A lot of things match here. Like 85% of methylation happens in the liver and my depression going away since starting the liver detoxifier, b complex is important for methylation, B2 and B3 are co-factors in methylation and ATP production.

Should I try the methylation protocol?

Thanks for reading.


Senior Member
Northcoast NSW, Australia
Great news that liver detox is helping. I can't answer your question re whether you should go into methylation protocol. And there are different approaches to methylation. Freddd's Protocol has been brilliant for me. Rich VanK's did not help me. Ben Lynch has another. It took me a very long time studying, largely at pr, to understand how to proceed. And then, too, it was trial and error. That's how I found that Rich's SMP, using folinic and hydroxyB12 did nothing for me.

There are several links in my signature for Freddd's Protocol, and another, Methylation for Dummies. Caledonia has links, vid and text, for beginning methylation, in her signature. This site refers to both Freddd's and SMP, you might be able to find something useful. There are further references at end of my Guide to Freddd's Protocol. good luck.
Ahmo, can you tell me when to add l-carnitine fumarate? From what I have read, I think that it should be added after someone has titrated the b12s to 1000 mcg and methylfolate to 800 mcg. Is that right?