Why Glutathione is bad

Glutathione contains a single thiol. Single thiols grab mercury weakly and move it around without really helping to eliminate it. The moving mercury gets redistributed to new locations making the person sicker.

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Why Glutathione is bad if you are mercury toxic? My homocysteine levels are so low. I don't take anything at now
I can't speak to the toxicity of mercury, or how glutathione interacts with it, but I do know that glutathione will generate γ-glutamyl amino acid or glutamate, which is pretty much the last thing you need right now, given what appears to be your systemic issue with GABA/glutamate balance right now.

Remember, one thing at a time. It makes it easier to figure out what's working for you, whether you need more or less of it, or if you might need something else entirely.

I am absolutely agree with you. I experienced it on my own. Thank you also for the advice for magnesium glycinate. It is great.