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Who has tried robot vacuum cleaners?


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Funny thing, I just saw this thread. I've thought of getting one of those vacs, but haven't because it seems like a huge indulgence for a small space (maybe 350 sq ft total), and I'd still need to mop now and then. How hard is dry-dusting one's own floor, right? To me a robot-vac is for people who own vacation property that's rented out, or a large, splendid house and want to make fewer maid service calls, not for someone in my condition.

But of course the dust just builds up, and it's kinda gross. Eh, maybe I gotta buy the gadget.


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Texas Hill Country
Okay - on November 1 I got a Neato D85 from Bed, Bath & Beyond, they had given me a coupon for 20% off, which was great. And it worked quite well! I was really happy - only it leaves all these tire tracks all of my carpet. It looks like I've been having miniature car races ....

I contacted Neato and after some runaround was finally told too bad, there's nothing to be done. I don't have particularly thick carpet, though my carpet pad is a tiny bit thicker than normal - 1/2" vs. 3/8"

BBB will accept a return, so that's not the problem, I just don't want to have to give up the vacuum.

I'm wondering if a Roomba would do the same thing? Did anyone else have this problem?

Apart from the tire tracks, the Neato picked up so much stuff - I was very impressed! I actually dreamed about it last night, that I was returning it to the store, albeit very reluctantly .....:cry:
I got my daughter a Neato botvac because she was rarely able to manage any movement in her room for more than a minute, let alone additional sensory input from such as even a manual sweeper. With the Neato, it's was finally possible to keep the carpet swept.

It isn't good with carpet edges but that's always going to be a problem with a robot vacuum cleaner.
It's very quite compared to a normal vacuum, so hiding under the pillow or covers hasn't always been necessary.
They have very small waste compartments, so ideally need emptying after each vacuuming.
If not left at it's base station/charger, the battery discharges very quickly.
It cleans the main carpet area quite well and keeping the floor clear of chairs. bins and other obstacles makes for a better job.

A lot of money but it solved a problem I could find no other useful solution to.

Being on hands and knees, as quiet as possible and below line of sight with a brush, sticky rubber rollers etc. was never going to do a good job :)

BTW, no issues with tram lines etc.


Senior Member
Roomba can leave some track lines on thick carpet but nothing particularly noticeable for us.

Sorry to hear about the Neato


Senior Member
I love my neato. Its so clever, first I thought it missed a part in the kitchen but it saved it for later when it came back and cleaned that specific area. Its not as good on carpets though and it cant drive over one of my higher treshold.