Whey protein intolerance - why?

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Im not sure what your symptoms are, or what exactly you're dealing with, but if you find an increase in anxiety and you're taking pea protein, I would definitely give that a look as the possible culprit.

Peas themselves are extremely high in glutamate, add to that the uncoupling of bonds between the aminos, and you've got a whopping amount of free glutamic acid., and a potential overload of glutamate vs GABA ....

PS ... Vague as this is, I hope it helps. I know how God-flucking awful extended anxiety attacks are and how they can absolutely shred your life ....

EDIT.... for PS
I've had mild to moderate to extreme anxiety for quite a while, but the past 6 months has been pretty wild. I've also had tinnitus, frequent but not quite nightly headaches, and some other stuff I could probably attribute to high glutamate. Thanks for the info.