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Where is luminescentfeeling?!


Senior Member
Woodridge, IL
Unfortunately, this reminds me of the disappearance of Hillary and her blog and website. If either of them needed to take a break, I feel they could have just said that, and then done it. The removal of their creations, both so popular and supportive, seems to me to be only something that could have been forced upon them by someone else.

I am comforted by the video that tells us he is OK. I hope he'll be back. I also hope the same for Hillary. Anyone know anything recent about her?

Hillary's site is still up.....I hadn't heard anything about her being gone, although I have not seen any new blogs in awhile......oh, i really hope that they are both ok - it would be a huge loss (& so very sad) for either of them to be gone


I too hope he is ok.
I know it's a long shot but I wonder if he had some sort of improvement and is off enjoying himself? In which case... I am super-happy for him, but hope he comes back to tell us all how he did it.
If not and he's taken a turn for the worse I hope he feels able come back at some point and receive our support and virtual hugs.

Rachel xx


Senior Member
We never really know what's going on in anyone's life or heart. This makes me think that it is so important to do our best to be compassionate with each other. Let me be the first to admit I often fail at this. That frightens me because it would be terrible to end a relationship, for whatever reason, on an unkind or harsh note.

I am reminded of a quote by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible"

I know we all agree.