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Where can i go for a month to rest and relax?


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TN is appalling. NB Have not had an attack since I came here; must be the ocean air? Maybe triggered by allergens eg mould? And it can strike when you are unwinding...
Never found any painkillers that helped; one dr suggested anti convulsants?

What you are describing as ideal is pretty much as I live here full time. Not classes etc; my faith meets those needs. Living very very simply with almost no outside contact unless I seek it out. Utter peace. Simple food often excellent ready meals...

Hoping you get bettering soon..


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small town midwest
@hmnr asg I'm sorry you've had this disappointment over your trip. Don't worry about bumming us out- we get the chronic illness thing and would rather hear how you're doing for real. No need for pretending here.

Pain is a beast, but I try to take heart that it is a shapeshifting and ever changing beast. At least you get some variety! Like @pamojja I recently had a good pain experience- My massage therapist tried a little craniosacral therapy on me and it gave relief for almost 48 hours! Felt lovely. I was tired as an amoeba afterwards, but it might have been worth it. I'm definitely going to experiment with it again.

Hugs to you, if they don't bother that TN.