What is the b12 process like?


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When you get it injected and you are deficient. I didn't feel a boost of energy but I do feel like I can work longer but it's not like an electric super power feeling the moment I injected it as some people describe. For me it's been about a day and I'm not sure if I have gotten used to the b12 but I don't feel like I feel it anymore as much. I took 1mg. When do I feel like a new person? The initial effects were already not so obvious. I know it's early but at what week do you feel like a constant boost in energy that's there at all times? how was it for you?


I have never had a boost with B12 (injection or oral) as some people report, but I did have an interesting experience.

I had developed a hemifacial twitch for about 6 months that pulled the left side of my mouth toward my ear. I was exploring surgery due to possible nerve entrapment resulting in nerve inflammation. I was using multiple supplements to try to address it (magnesium, omega 3, PEA and others) including 1mg of methylcobalamin. I decided to switch to a combo-product of methyl and adenosylcobalamin (5mg) and the day I received it, I took 5 of the 5mg tablets. The facial spasm was reduced by about 60%. Later in the day in took an additional 5 tablets and the spasm/twitch disappeared and has never returned.

I do not know if this was due to needing both forms of the B12 or taking the higher dose (I continue to take 5mg combo every other day). I did not have any change in energy, cognition, homocysteine, or MCV as a result of higher B12 dosing. Unfortunately, I did not test my serum B12 or MMA prior to the higher dose, but they are both in range now.