Weed-killing chemical linked to cancer found in some children's breakfast foods


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It would not make sense, if you think about it carefully nothing constructive could come of it as it would not mean I could eat the products I wanted to eat. Where I wanted to test organic product I have done so by eating it but I dont feel confident much organic product is truely organic. Manufacturers of soy foods I liked all use soy I cant tolerate any more e.g. tempeh, tofu, textured protein.

Even if I knew these contained glyphosate I cannot prove it causes my symptoms so it doesnt help anyone else either. I would just waste £185 a test to work out I couldnt eat a thing I already know I cant eat. Not so helpful.

If unadulterated organic soy farmed without glyphosate did not cause symptoms it might mean I could find a niche supply of organic beans somewhere, which I dont find appetising. There are other things I would rather eat even if I could find these (my doc has me on a keto diet anyway right now - soy is too much carb) and if they were really organic (since the EWB findings show a third of "organic" oat product was not organic) and if they didnt cause symptoms. So it isnt worth £185 a test to me to work out I can eat beans which I wouldnt want to eat anyway even if I could eat them, either. If I want to test a product I eat it and stopped trying a while ago due to lack of success even with organic products.

After 32 years of ME CFIDS I have learned to live by the philosophy of wu wei.

This is the time I have been waiting for, I hope the EWG will test soy products and find out the truth, then I hope a movement of public consciousness will persuade manufacturers to make product without glyphosate in it and then I will try it to see if I can eat that. And no I am not going to make my own tempeh. :p
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