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WebMD overview on ME/CFS


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New England

WebMD’s slideshow of facts and purported facts about ME/CFS seems to me to combine what the IOM’s new definition is for SEID, with the PACE trial recommendations, and an old ideas that antidepressants are a particular help, Severe fatigue is the main criterion they note and they speak of severe pain too as a frequent symptom, leading me to feel they were combining older and newer ideas about ME/CFS with ideas about FM—a grab bag of assertions illustrated by some of the usual images of healthy, attractive looking young women. That is my impression.

Given that I haven’t looked at the CDC site to see what they are peddling, perhaps that is the source? The CDC is making such slow, glacial movements of change, because in my view, they do not want to be accountable for the false views and harms they have greatly contributed towards. An abrupt change in what they say about ME/CFS would suggest that they had been wrong before, and if they were wrong before and harms were done, that they would share in that responsibility—which is the reality. They are creeping towards a more up to date view, but almost seamlessly, without any breaks with the past—using a strategy of no about-faces which might make people question their correctness and authority. That’s my view and maybe WebMD is one of their echo posts.


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disappointing to say the least mixing b s in with a few facts . cyclical with periods of wellbeing I have not felt well for more than an hour at a time for over 28 years the slide show itself pretty much guarantees a lot off people with m e wont reach the end of that dogs breakfast .

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WebMD has at least removed their very old, even worse, Healthwise ME/CFS content. Some of us raised a stink with WebMD about that, so perhaps it had some effect.

There is also this WebMD article:


The top level for all their ME/CFS content is at this link:


It appears WebMD has completely dropped Healthwise. I bet Healthwise isn't happy to lose that account, as they told me their salespeople were trying to renew the WebMD account.

I'd recommend trying to contact the WebMD reviewers at the end of the articles, if you can find contact info. Or, contact WebMD directly and ask them to pass your comments on to the reviewer(s).

If you click on "Sources" at the ends of the articles, you'll see the citations are very old (XMRV? Seriously?). Probably worth pointing out to the reviewers that the listed sources are obsolete, that medical understanding of ME/CFS has changed significantly in the past few years, and the articles should be made more current.