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We need "Anonymous" to hacktivist for us!


Senior Member
Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
After the USA and Sweden's government, plus Amazon, paypal etc did the dirty on Wikileaks/Julian Assange, "Anonymous" a bunch of well, "free htinkers" ;) went on a hacktivist attack spree.
now one can argue the legality etc, but it gets attention and that, ladies and gentleman, is what you *need to win* nowadays, not the facts of the case as "relaity" has sod all to do with who "wins", that is the ugly truth.

Moderator: Threats, whether explicit or implicit, against anyone, member of this forum or not, is against forum rules and will be taken very seriously. I have removed the implied threat in this post!

Sometimes civil disobedience has ot get ramped up for things to change
Sitting on our asses trying to debate logically with these scum gets us nowhere because they control the media as we have seen.
Who gives a rat's ass if we can show them wrong on the comments section of the Daily Mail etc, Joe Public doesn't see it, doesn't believe it, or believe us, because the "guys with the PHds and white coats have pronounced judgement, ME/CFS patients are untouchable, and deserve our fate"

It is very cleveer and evil PR by the psychs, which is why they have done it: make your victim a laughing stock, untouchable, deserving of his fate, and folk will walk by as you exterminate them.
Hey it's worked repeatedly throughout history!

Rosa Parks change American history by refusing to obey a morally repugnant demand to simply move seats on a bus...and from there, the nation changed.

Now I'm not into the "anonymous/4Chan" crowd I'm just art/games, but I'm sure others are friendly with such folks. Or have other good ideas for stirring things up.
Unless we become the "Squeaky wheel that gets the grease" we will be left to ROT.