Washington post ad winner - virus ad - in post monday 6 december! This monday!


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I agree that the timing could not be better.

And the press release was awesome. Really told the story of how it is. And gave the credit to WPI that they deserve (which they haven't been getting).
Clay, Alabama
Thank you

Thank you for the comments.

While I coordinated the different areas and coordinated the ad design process, I want to give credit to the many others.

Fund raisers, muffin, and others.
Marly and PANDORA for administering the funds, finding other patient organizations to support us and relieve me when I needed it. Also, PANDORA took the risk of lending their name and non-profit status, with all the perks, that made this possible. Remember, we got the rate for a charity, thousands of dollars less because of PANDORA.
Karen, who stepped in to give relief to some weary patients in fund raising
Andrea, who has done a marvelous job on the website. Keep checking, she is adding to the MCWPA in the News page as news reports come in.
Sita, who brought her expert knowledge of PR, including that a photo needed to be included in the press release and that health news needed to be tagged.
All the patients who have agreed to be interviewed by news media.
Patients who helped us spread the word along the way.
The other organizations that contributed and added strength to our message by visibly giving their support and contribute funds.
All the patients who took the risk and donated, who trusted, who believed.
All the patients who gave constructive feedback and suggestions.
All the patients who participated in the voting and put for a lot of thought into which one they wanted to vote for. I was touched that some went through the effort to print them all out.
All the ad designers, even if their ads were not the final selection. Ad designers took some cues from others and some provided points that ended up on the website.
Dreambirdie and Susan Douglas who allowed us to use their videos on our website.

I have never seen this type of cooperation, especially in the ME/CFS community.

Wouldn't it be great if we could do this again next week? Well, we need to get some more funds.

And lets think of this, how many people have not been diagnosed or are not plugged in to keeping up with ME/CFS news. Back in August, I called lots of patient support groups I found on the Internet. Many were not active any more. Many were older ladies, who do not use Internet as much. I was surprised that some had not heard of XMRV.

How many people who have had blood transfusions who don't feel well will now be googling chronic fatigue syndrome. "Hey doc, I got a blood transfusion back in the 1990s, I have been trying to figure out why I feel so bad and can't find the energy to do anything. Could I have ME/CFS?"

All of the patients did a great public service to their fellow patients and the public at large.



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