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waking up in a crash state at night


Senior Member
when I wake up with a crash I get terrible anxiety and I'm in a coma like state with all my bodily fluids coming out of me all night everything and also my sex drive is crazy at that time does anyone know why


Forum Support Assistant
The anxiety might be related to inflammation. Here are some notes from others about how they dealt with long term anxiety, but if the mechanism is the same then maybe the solutions would work for short term anxiety as well.

From triffid113 on PR:
I took care of anxiety so bad I could not function at all in 15 minutes with 50mg DHEA. Nothing else required. And keep it off with a staggered dose of 25mg DHEA later in the day. 75mg total, nothing else.

Thiamin, from dannybex on PR:
[B12 lead to anxiety, then...] Since I had been diagnosed with a thiamine deficiency a couple years before, he decided to try thiamine injections -- I believe they were 100mgs. And I swear, within maybe a week or so, I was so relaxed, so 'not-wired', that I felt I could quit my clonazepam cold turkey. It really was remarkable.

From Hip on PR:
Three supplements (long thread follows)
NAG (700mg 2x/day on empty stomach, Flax oil (1 Tb with food), Turmeric (1 tsp 2x/day on empty stomach)

[Note: roughly 50% of people on the thread report that it works, the other 50% report that it doesn't.]

They are all anti-inflammatories, and they may work by reducing inflammation in the brain. Recent research[*] has shown that brain inflammation can cause many mental symptoms, including anxiety symptoms, depression, ADHD, and many others. So the anti-inflammatory properties of these supplements may be the mechanism by which they eliminate anxiety.