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Nord Wolf

The Northman
New England
I don't understand how that would explain anything, or help fix it , bc I have POTS and low blood volume and neuropathy , all diagnosed , and yet no doctor suggested that those things explained my eye symptoms and light sensitivity. I've not heard of that as an explanation for eye issues
I agree, I have no idea how the eye issues/blindness can result from having any form of POTS. All I know is what my docs told me, and the many accounts of others claiming the same eye issues who have had POTS for years. There are sites out there where folks with POTS of all ages detail their symptoms, and eye issues seem common, especially during or directly after showering.
But like you said, how and why? I certainly couldn't say. Maybe in this pursuit this winter I will get some answers describing the hows and whys... or maybe not.

Rufous McKinney

Senior Member
by a neuro ophthalmologist,

Congrats you were able to see one of those. The thought of even being tested about light in my eyes generates a profound SICK feeling.

I do not have an intense case of POTS. So by brain I mean its feels all tied together neurologically and immune wise.

My eyes are squeezed, vary from very dry and pouring, and everything in between, but what is right behind all that swollen is more swollen brain.


Senior Member
New Mexico
This is from Anthony William's latest book on the brain. Vision problems such as blurred vision, trouble focusing the eyes, unusual movement of the eyeballs (including difficulty with the muscles around the eyes), and other mystery visual disturbances are caused by cranial nerve inflammation. He goes on to list many other things that are affected by cranial inflammation and mentions that the inflammation is actually the secondary cause of these symptoms. The culprit is what is causing the inflammation: a low grade or high grade viral infection and/or toxic heavy metals and other chemical warfare.


Psalm 46:1-3
Great Lakes
The prescription was correct, but needed to have a prism added. It worked! No more eyestrain, no more double vision. I was amazed that THREE optometrists knew nothing about it.
I didn't read the whole thread so pardon me if you already answered this but did it help with brain fog at all. I think some of my worst brain blobby days are also when my eyes are acting "googly." (My word for it.) Sometimes I find that my pupils are two different sizes on these days.

Also a beta blocker has been making my vision blurrier lately and that makes the brain fog worse too so just wondering if correcting something with prisms could help.

I actually did have an optometrist give me a prism prescription at one point because of double vision but I didn't have it filled since an ophthalmologist tested me with them in an eye exam previously and they didn't seem to improve anything at that moment so idk. I was just afraid to spend all that money on glasses I wouldn't be able to use.


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One day I was particularly annoyed by my double-vision, and I tried moving my glasses up and down, side-to-side, twisting them, etc. Then I flexed them down from the bridge ... and the double vision greatly reduced. They are now much better for driving or walking, so I don't want to try other changes that might make them worse. Was the interpupillary distance wrong? Is having the lenses not line up correctly forcing my eye control circuitry to work better? I don't know, but this has been working for me.