1. frozenborderline

    Vision problems , most likely neurological

    Date March 20th 2022 Visual problems. Even with glasses. Double vision, nystagmus , trouble focusing totally, blurry vision. Getting headache slightly when I focus hard. I didn't really notice this when I was only scrolling on my phone and not focusing on anything for long but I think...
  2. Nord Wolf

    Vision Loss with PEM

    One of my 55 major symptoms include the loss of vision when with trenches in my rather constant state of PEM. I can see muted light, but my actual vision is gone. I explain it best like this: try imagining an artists glass pallet filled with a mess of smeared color (zero definition, depth...
  3. M

    Mild, bizarre symptoms

    Hello All, Sure we're all familiar with the vagueness of the symptoms that occur with chronic fatigue. I have been to see POTS/cardio specialist for several years, then haematology for high iron, rheumy for atypical anca and slightly low C4, gastroenterologist for a colon/gastroscopy, and now...