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US: Don't let the government destroy imported drugs!


Senior Member
Virginia, USA
From RxRights.org:

H.R.5651, the Food and Drug Administration Reform Act, contains a provision (Section 805) that would allow Customs and Border Protection to destroy shipments of prescription drugs valued at $2,000 or less.

Clearly, this provision protects the interests of big pharmaceutical companies at the expense of the tens of thousands of Americans who rely on importation to access our needed medicines at an affordable price.

We're calling on you to educate your representatives. Tell them Section 805 should be thrown out. It is an unnecessary and damaging provision that puts American lives at risk!



Senior Member
Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
Note the USA's crazy "drugs war" is already responsible for the banning of use of heroin and other drugs in the country's hospitals, which are LESS dangerous and better than their replacements (see huge number getting addicted to presscription painkillers and dying)

and yes, heroin (diamoprhine) is very effective, well used drug, very few patients ever get addicted to such in properly run medical settings, only those with addictive perosnalities, or on them for excessively long times, get addicted.

This issue maybe part legit (prevention of dubious internet drug sales, my concern is safety and regulation of antibiotics not WTH folk do to themselves)...but also sure as heck, someone will be getting a "Greasy palm" ;)


Senior Member
Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
There is a LOT of fake drugs going about, be careful
Several such rings have been smashed in the UK, mixing up fake/inert or even toxic pills, fake packaging with serial numbers (so often involves obviosu insiders/corruption).
Unknown numbers of patients have been affected.

Fake drugs given to NHS patients still untraced

By Phil Kemp Reporter, 5 live Investigates
72,000 packs of counterfeit drugs entered the UK supply chain in 2007 - 25,000 remain untraced

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Only eight people out of several thousand who received counterfeit drugs from the NHS in an incident in 2007 have been identified.

Of those eight, only three have been informed about the incident, a BBC investigation has learned.

72,000 packs of counterfeit drugs entered the UK supply chain in 2007 but 25,000 remain untraced.

The regulator, the MHRA, has said it took swift action in 2007 and issued its "most serious recall notice".

A new EU directive will further improve patient safety, it added.

In the spring of 2007, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) issued an emergency recall of drugs which had been identified as counterfeit.

Those recalled included batches of the prostate cancer drug Casodex; of a drug used to treat heart complaints called Plavix; and of Zyprexa, which is used to control the symptoms of schizophrenia.

I don't know how well the FDA etc in USA can track/note such issues?

Utterly ASININE UK government policy of "selling drugs if market price is high abroad, then buy back when cheap" is part of this and causing supply problems...stupid, greedy dumbasses :(
They call it "sound Capitlism/finacial management"....sigh.
Ok, Mr MP sh*t for brains, YOUR kids get that medicine, too, ya scrote-slapper! :rolleyes:
"Patients" are not normal "consumers", life saving or improving drugs are not a "luxury good"
And the frequent cross border buy/sell means more chances for fakes ot get switched in and tax frauds to occur!

When it comes to "developing world", well...they either get a glut of cheap drugs, because you know those drugs they may bankrupt you for in the US?
Well, they may sell 'em dirt cheap abroad (comapred to US prices) because that's what the market will bear over there.
(see similar issue for example, with Microsoft products, lol! yeah, screw the Western public, but sell for a few dollars in Asia because hey, piracy WORKS there, and forced the shmucks ot sell an OS at a sane price, hehe.

i.e. US consumers especially are getting robbed at gunpoint, basically, by the pharma corps.
With way wages are flatlining, versus rising prices of drugs/insurance, US citizens are in extremely deep poo, health wise, in next 20 or 30 years.

There's also plenty of fakes being made abroad, tests were showing, iirc, 30+% of the drugs tested were fake or so watered down as ot have no therapeutic value in some places (India, SE Asia)
*quick google*
Third of malaria drugs 'are fake'

By Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online
Some species in Thailand and Vietnam spread a drug-resistant malaria strain

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A third of malaria drugs used around the world to stem the spread of the disease are counterfeit, data suggests.

Researchers who looked at 1,500 samples of seven malaria drugs from seven countries in South East Asia say poor-quality and fake tablets are causing drug resistance and treatment failure.

Data from 21 countries in sub-Saharan Africa including over 2,500 drug samples showed similar results.

True story
cops are often having to let folk go when busted for carrying hash and soem other drugs, because it's so damn watered down, they couldn't get a conviction if came to court, no kidding!
So this issue affects illegal drug trade too :p
Actually some of the scum selling fake drugs, moved to that from illegal drugs, easier/safer for them.