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Urgent message from WPI about Vivint fundraising contest


Senior Member
Message from Vivint that the WPI posted on WPI Facebook page.

Good evening!

We are so excited about the awareness that has been raised for each organization through the Vivint Gives Back Project over the last few months! We have $118,000 left that we would like to give away to charities through donation matching. Starting tomorrow Wednesday, August 24, around 11:00 am MST, all donations of any amount will be matched dollar for dollar until we have given away $118,000. We are excited to be able to help as many charities as possible, please get your organizations involved through the end of the Vivint Gives Back Project.

Please check Facebook and the contest website for the exact time when this donation matching will begin.
Holly Mero

seen on http://www.facebook.com/pages/Whittemore-Peterson-Institute/154801179671?sk=wall


Senior Member
From WPI facebook,

Message from Vivint:

What an amazing response! Within just minutes of our announcement we've hit our matching limit of $118,000!! Thanks to all who have participated so generously in this project! Remember there are still three days left to vote, good luck to all!

and WPI says

Whittemore Peterson Institute Thank you so much for your donations! Please remember to vote daily for the next 3 days!! Help us win $100,000.00!!! Let's celebrate making a diffrence!


Fine, thank you
Wow! And I see on WPI's Vivint page that they've received $35k in donations - wasn't that loads, loads smaller this morning? Presumably they won't get all of that matched as I imagine it's on a first donated, first matched basis but it's good news.

I'll be glad when this contest is finished and we can relax but meanwhile we've done very well!

Battery Muncher

Senior Member
That is crazy good. The best news this week! Really delighted by the response - shows how much potential the ME/CFS community has.