Undenatured whey

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Please no more bickering about is it green or is it chartreuse. It isn’t relevant.
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You and I seem to have different definitions of 'not relevant', particularly in a thread titled UNDENATURED WHEY, itself an unsupportable claim ....

Given the cost of IMMUNOCAL and the claims the company makes re: a non-heat, "cold" form of processing whey without pasteurizing it, making their product a 'non-denatured form of whey', I felt it was important to address the claims that might otherwise lead a member reading this thread to order IMMUNOCAL without digging any further, since almost all of us are desperate for anything that might help, and willing to pay whatever the cost to have access to it.

WHEY, by its very nature, is already denatured. Reducing it to a powder form further denatures it. There is, to my knowledge, which admittedly isn't omniscient, no way to hydrolize any form of protein without severing the natural amino links, making any claims to the contrary questionable.

The fact that IMMUNOTEK is a multi-level-marketing enterprize, which HUUUGELY increases the cost of any product an MLM company sells, and that in all their marketing materials they repeatedly stress the benefits of signing up as a 'consultant', also seemed an important piece of very relevant information.