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Dr. Dmitry Maltsev (Maltsev Dmitry Valerievich) is a doctor in Kiev, Ukraine. Maltsev specializes in inflammatory and viral aspects of ME/CFS, autism, immunodeficiency, and other complex diseases.

Address: Kyiv, Mykhaila Lomonosova St, 71 (Киев, 03022 ул. Ломоносова, 71Б)

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Anybody have any reviews of this doctor?

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Allot of bad memories to be honest... I'll start by addressing the "catch". For the first month of treatment, all of his cfs patents (all other patents probably too) get the standard treatment protocol:
Artesunate 50 mg x3 daily after food, 30 days.
Propes (peptide/immunomodulatory) 2ml, intramuscular, before sleep every second day, 15 injections in total.
inflamafertine (peptide/immunomodulatory) 2ml, intramuscular, before sleep every second day, 15 injections in total, interchange with Propes.

+other medicine based on individual factors.
It may seem not so bad, but, both Propes and inflamafertine are made in factory that is owned by the same guy how owns, the attached PDF (forum thread) has some info about it...
In clinic they give you contacts where to get all of the above drugs +more, Artesunate cost is very high compared to other brands.
I saw more then 20 people on internet who also got this exact mix for first month of treatment (only one improved, many got worse), moreover it seems there's not even one cfs patient who haven't got this exact protocol since he started working in (2017 or so).
There have been a thread about him at Russian forum, but that's now deleted. I saved last page as PDF just before it got deleted, pretty interesting stuff, I attached it, but it's in Russian.

Bottom line - he is a talented doc, but he's much more motivated by paycheck then the health of his patents.
I wouldn't recommend him to any PwME, unless you only go for diagnostic tests he prescribes. Unfortunately there are allot of desperate people with cfs and most don't have the guts to do self medication, so many continue seeing him and undergoing his treatment (unsuccessfully) even after learning about this catch. So sad this is. I'm just happy I learned about this before doing any of his treatments, just left him after that.


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Hi Pyrrhus, I do not have any information about this Doctor; I had asked Violetta, who is the administrator of the forum sited, and she told me she was his patient. She is also on PR. Hipsman knows infinitely more than I do. I looked at the forum posted a bit, just the last pages, and the doctor does answer saying he did not want to harm anyone, and that if patients aren't pleased to find a better clinician. He does talk briefly about psychological disturbances and says even if the virus is abated these do not disappear because there is temporal lobe sclerosis.(????) He also stated that patients from Russia did not finish his treatment. The patients also mentioned that they had the impression that they were to purchase the supplements and meds from him.

I know nothing else. But the use of artemisium seems to be part of the treatment--but other items as well.
( In the usa, Klinghardt also uses that. )

That is all I can offer.