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UK MAST Specialists

I am now dealing with escalating MAST symptoms. Primarily bowel, but others too. I have 20 yrs of CFS & Crohn's too. Now the food is MAST triggering my CFS and I can barely eat anything. I need a Dx and treatment. But where do I go to find this. Most advice talks about how underserviced this area is.
- Would anyone be able to provide recommendations in the UK for a MAST specialist? I am in between Manchester and Liverpool, but willing to travel to the right place. This is my main next step..... I assume it would be an allergist/immunologist? Gastroenterologists dont seem to be namechecked?
I have read on here (3 yrs ago) about Dr Croom allergist in Nottingham, Dr Grant Dermo in London, and Dr Seneviratne immunologist in London. But the reviews seemed hit and miss, and I wonder if there are any new people, or the MAST cell space has improved at all?

Also, is it better to go private? I no longer work and dont have much in funds. I could front up in the short term, but would struggle beyond that. It seems a meandering path of testing and treatments?
Once private, is it possible to move onto NHS?
If you go private, are prescriptions private too?

I'd really value people's experience. Many thanks, Steve