Uk gmc & dr myhill -- grounds for complaint?

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For your information, my recent letter to the UK General Medical Council regarding their handling of the Dr Sarah Myhill case can be viewed online (with personal contact details removed) at:

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Sent: Royal Mail Recorded Delivery

23 September 2010

Mr Paul Bridges
General Medical Council
Regents Place
350 Euston Road

Dear Mr Bridges,

Grounds for a Formal Complaint against the General Medical Council?

I write again with regard to complaints to the GMC against Dr Sarah Myhill who is currently in private practice as a GP in Upper Weston, Llangunllo, Knighton, Powys, LD7 1SL (GMC Reg No. 2734668). I wrote to you previously, on 13 April 2010, about Dr Myhill (see Appendix 1 below). I understand that Dr Myhill faces a GMC Interim Order Panel on 7 October 2010 in follow up to the one held on April 29th (case reference: 2734668). In April, the IOP ruling suspended Dr Myhills prescribing rights and effectively ended her ability to advise and treat patients on the basis of scientific independence. I view the IOPs actions to be unwarranted and unprofessional. They have directly harmed me (see below) and many other patients, and have harmed Dr Myhills earned right to fully make her living as a medical practitioner. If necessary, health permitting, I would be very willing to provide testimony in support of Dr Myhill and I would like you to include this letter with other evidence submissions in Dr Myhills current GMC case. I have set out below some important matters from the point of view of a Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)[1] patient that I wish you to consider. I would also appreciate your written answers to questions that follow. Please note that I am considering making formal complaints concerning the GMCs behaviour towards Dr Sarah Myhill and believe that the GMCs conduct may need to be investigated by an independent body (to assist with such consideration, I require answers from the GMC to all of the questions posed to you in this letter). I would, therefore, like you to tell me how and with whom I initiate such a course of action.

Since 2001, Dr Myhill has faced the prospect of no less than six previous GMC Fitness to Practice Hearings as a result of questionable complaints made against her. All of the complaints were rightly dismissed. These complaints have come from within the medical profession or the GMC itself. As I understand matters, no complaint has ever been made by one of Dr Myhills patients. Indeed, I suspect that few other doctors, if any, enjoy the level of active patient support that Dr Myhill does - as you and your colleagues have no doubt discovered. There is good reason for this. Dr Myhill is quite simply one of the most conscientious medical practitioners in the country and is an active and inquiring credit to good and progressive medical science. Patients, and many professionals, are quite rightly therefore outraged at the frequency and nature of the complaints made against Dr Myhill: many of which appear to be based upon medical prejudice as opposed to medical science, are vexatious in nature and, in-effect at least, equate to an unjust long-term campaign to destroy Dr Myhills scientific and professional independence. Just as importantly, patients and fellow-professionals are outraged at the way the GMC has handled matters in apparent contradiction of its own regulations and contrary to fairness and justice. Indeed, in my opinion there is good evidence that the GMC is allowing itself to be used a vehicle for repeated, unjust and malicious persecution of Dr Myhill. These are very serious matters and need to be fully and satisfactorily addressed.


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