Turn ME into WE - Join the New Emergency Action List

I didntt want to be rude or strict - i only wanted to say that its just pitty that we lose a lot of possibilities and if we want to make the things faster we have to be more active - its the only chance for us. Maybe I am sometimes too impatient. How I already said - I am trying to prepare the CFS petition in Europe and we are just talking with ESME about their plans. I was just thinking if in the emergency action group would be a lot of members then it would be much easier for example to get a lot of signatures just by sending an email.
How could we get more members? I was thinking that we can ask the old and new members where they are from. Then we could ask 2-3 people from each country for the special collaboration. they know the CFS websides in they country, maybe they are a members of a CFS national group and they speak the language of the country. So they could maybe at first make some commercial for getting more members to the emergency action group in their country and if there would be an action they could always do a publicity on national CFS websides,in national CFS groups,...and so also the people who are not in emergency action group could have informations about new actions.