True confessions - What didn't work in the long run


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My confession is exercising and hiking so much and thinking I could build up muscles and be normal again. Even after coming here and learning the truth, I still sinned. My final sin I even bragged about here. And have been punished for it ever since.
Same. Every few years I would redouble my efforts to get stronger and build up my endurance by going to the gym more or biking or traveling. Which would inevitably lead to some temporary setback that I would refuse to connect to pacing because the idea that I would be so incredibly limited forever was just something I couldn't accept.

Of course the obvious outcome is that I pushed myself so hard that I ended up somewhere where my previous 'limitations' are but a distant daydream of comparative health.

This is an interesting thread, though, as some people's best things are other people's worst. Makes it hard to know what to try as I know that no matter how poorly I'm doing, history has shown it can always be worse.
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I don't take ascorbic acid, but my nutritionist and others recommended high doses, convinced it contributed to some problems "down there" which only surgery rectified in the end. Ascorbic acid never made me feel good, always caused problems in my colon and no not with diherrea, more like fast stomach emptying, which causes issues of its own. I think ascorbic acid is very overrated as well and has been shown many times not to really work via oral routes.

Anyway I take magnesium ascorbate, no issues with that, I take 4g a day. That does help and it gets me my vitamin c + extra magnesium.