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Trial By Error, Continued: A Few Words About “Harassment” David Tuller


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Another new blogpost by David Tuller!

The Nature commentary demonstrated the degree to which this narrative—that the PACE authors have been subjected to a wave of threats and unfair campaigning against their work and reputations—has been accepted as fact by the UK medical and academic establishment. Despite the study’s unacceptable methodological lapses and the lack of any corroborating public evidence from law enforcement about such threats, the authors have wielded these claims to great effect. Wrapping themselves in victimhood, they have even managed to extend their definition of harassment to include any questioning of their science and the filing of requests for data—a tactic that has shielded their work from legitimate and much-needed scrutiny.



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An excellent article. The references to the contributions made by various newspapers brought to mind the old verse:

You cannot hope
to bribe, or twist,
Thank God! the
British journalist.

But, seeing what
the man will do
unbribed, there's
no occasion to.

Humbert Wolfe


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Just seen Ellen G's reply, is she pro or anti PACE today? I can't keep up...

She wasn't involved in PACE was she?

You want police reports of harassment etc. Get in touch. I have some. Quite a few of us do. I assume the denial is purely based on ignorance, though the campaign was well documented in various places.
She wasn't involved in PACE was she?
I recall her posting here on PR about her criticisms of it. It was the thread where she left the site...
There was some implication she was involved with it in some way and raised criticisms with the team who weren't happy with her. But I don't have the best memory so may be more than a little hazy on the details!


The wise nematode hibernates
Just seen Ellen G's reply, is she pro or anti PACE today? I can't keep up...
I think she's anti, but when any PWME questions her views or assertions she wraps herself in victimhood too and claims organised harrasassment against her by anti-psych ME cyberbullies, thus maintaining the fiction of the BPS crowd's portrayal of us.


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One thing Mr. Tuller might mention next time is that even if there were a wild card or two in the patient population
(and what population won't have them,) painting an entire group of people with the broadest blackest brushstrokes based on the (alleged) actions of one or two people
is irresponsible and illogical at best.
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