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Transthyretin and the brain

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share something that is not widely known and has been somewhat useful to me in dealing with unrelenting malaise and fatigue. It only helped a little but it has actually helped.

I learned you can have a normal TSH on blood test but actually have hypothyroidism in the brain sometimes. Transthyretin is a protein involved in transporting thyroid hormone across the blood brain barrier and the levels are really messed up in depression among other things. Especially treatment resistance, it gets way too low. They measure it by taking out CSF.

I wonder if it is also abnormal in some cases of ME/CFS on top of everything else...
After going on high doses of T3 I gained a bit more functioning back. Still long way to go. Also I'm definitely not saying the fatigue/malaise is caused by the depression.


(goes into the biology of it)