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To Withdraw from NIH Research Study at WPI

If you volunteered for a research study at WPI while Dr. Mikovits was there and you no longer want to be involved in their research without Dr. Mikovits, please let the NIH know.

Below is sample letter for those of you enrolled in these studies.

If you want to mail a paper letter, please send it to:

Christopher E. Beisel, Ph.D.
BG 6610 Rockledge Drive
Mail Stop 6604
Bethesda, MD 20817

If you prefer to email, please send it to: cbeisel@niaid.nih.gov



I am currently enrolled in NIH study 5R01AI078234-03 under Principal Investigator Dr. Judy Mikovits while she was employed with the Whittemore Peterson Institute. I would like to know what the status is for the NIH grants that list her as the Principle Investigator. Im inquiring because I only wish to continue in this study so long as the grant stays under the direction of Dr. Judy Mikovits.

I also wish for all data and samples pertaining to me be transferred to any new location of Dr. Mikovits choosing. If the NIH grants are to be transferred to, or performed or by any other researchers, then I wish to remove myself from any participation in these studies. Thank you for providing me with this information so I can make my decision to continue participating in these studies or not.

____________________ (your signature and contact information)


Senior Member
Los Angeles, USA
Considering that arrangements have already been made for Mikovits to complete her work at Ruscetti lab, why try to take down WPI. Why back them further into a corner from which they have to defend themselves and get even more affidavits that hurt Judy.

Certainly, people can participate as they want or don't want. But why turn it into a political statement.


Senior Member
Sth Australia
I truely dont think the NIH would care about people pulling out of a study. All it does is make it look like this patient group are difficult.

If it did so anything, it may hold the NIH back from funding OTHER ME/CFS studies in future which others apply for. The WPI have already been granted their funding.

please consider what all implications could be of mailing the NIH over then rather then just leaving a study you dont want to be in and showing your thoughts that way.

It probably would be more benefical to be contacting the NIH and saying we want a Rituximad study done.


iherb code TAK122
I don't care if I look difficult, I don't want any other scientist messing with my blood, my request went in yesterday.