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Titrating Ad-B12 and L-Carnitine


Senior Member

How should one go about titrating adb12 and carnitine? I started off with adb12(Country Life 3000mcg Dibencozide) about 12 days back, starting with taking a quarter sublingual for 3 days,then half for 3 days and then a full sublingual tablet for the next 6 days.I have been taking 4000mcg of mb12 daily for the past month.
The order in which I take supplements is :

B -Complex-> Metafolin -> Mb12-> Ab12

I did face a lot of startup after adding Adb12 and I still am. My experience is as follows:

Physical startup includes:

-twitching and buzzing sensations in spine and head region
-nerve pain which lasts for a short duration in random regions(head,spine,toes,fingers,legs)
-intensified shortness of breath

Mental startup includes:
-mental process over-stimulation( racing thoughts, confusion)
-emotional instability at times(anger,rage)
-memory and concentration problems
-inability to relax
- vivid and complicated dream patterns( further aggravated by melatonin)
-non-restorative sleep
-wired/over-stimulated and tired feeling
-brain fog

Other experiences:
- increased need of methylfolate
- increased need of potassium
- found 'some' moments of increased energy, but it is insignificant(4-5 hours) when compared to the duration of taking adb12(12 days)

Most of the above symptoms were already present before adding adb12, but adb12 intensified them.

Now,the following are some questions I have:

1. Is adb12 supposed to work in this manner? Should I consider myself in the 'hypersensitive' category as Freddd has mentioned. Is this downswing a positive sign?(the perception that things getting worse are a sign of healing)

2. Does ATP startup explain the effects mentioned above?

3. What dosage of adb12 should I maintain now? I have taken 1 sublingual(3000mcg) daily for about a week and would like to know how much to take now.I've read that people take it 2 to 3 times a week. I don't know if I should keep taking one sublingual daily and what to expect in terms of startup/detox effects.

4. I also would like to add Acetyl L-Carnitine( I have the Doctor's Best capsules).I've read that adb12 and carnitine are meant to work together.What should be the initial dosage and frequency of L-Carnitine and order in which it should be taken?
Freddd has recommended to take it on an empty stomach,right? I am planning to add the carnitine in two days or so,or should I wait more?

Also,if you have some experience with adb12 and l-carnitine, please share. It will help me a lot.