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Tips for winter?


Senior Member
Curious if anyone may have any insight on dealing with the cold in the winter?

Since being in mexico this time last year for the winter .I notice the body is more sensitive to the cold.

Now that its cooler i dont seem to be gaining some of the benefits of warm sunlight over the summer on the immune system as temps have dipped into the 50s in the bay area

I don't seem to feel the same vitamin d and Mitochondrial effects from taking d3 and ubiqinol
as I do from the sun

Thank you

Rufous McKinney

Senior Member
If they get cold so does the rest of you!

I live in wool slippers much of the year. Also often wear wool socks (those smartwood ones, they are expensive but really last a long time). I love this pair of compression socks I got- my feet crave feeling squeezed.

Scarves- neck gets cold. (guys can't as readily wear scarves). Ascot- there you go, get an Ascot! Silk is nice.


Senior Member
My husband is disabled and his pain is a lot worse in the cold weather. A few years ago I bought him this electric heated throw and it's the only thing that really helps. He wraps himself in it, it warms him through, and relieves the pain.

I realise your situation is different but perhaps something similar might help 🙂