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Timing of taking Source Naturals Dibencozide

Al Klein

Senior Member
United Kingdom (Buckinghamshire)
I have a system with my supplements that seems to be paying off :
First thing pop 1 grain Armour one side of mouth, 1 Enzymatic B12 the other.
This takes about 45 mins to dissolve. Then breakfast, followed by some magnesium, MTHF (quatrefolic) and a multi B (bio care B plex)
Then I go to work (yes I am managing to teach 4 days a week :) )

I also do a hydroxyB12 injection once a week.

Now I would like to add some adensylB12, so I tried adding half a Source Naturals Dibencozide at the same time as my Armour and Enzymatic, however this seems to produce a lot of saliva meaning that the methyl B12 does not last even 20 minutes.

Is there a better time of day to add the dibencozide? before/after food etc etc?