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Thorne 5-MTHF

Is Thorne 5-MTHF an "approved" brand for L-5_Methyltetrahydrofolate? I was going to supplement with Metagenics Folapro via the crush/water method, but I see that Thorne's folate is a capsule, so I would be able to omit the crush portion of the method. But I wasn't sure if Thorne is Metafolin and if so, if it is 100% Metafolin.

I'm new to this and am trying to read up on everything as fast as possible, but from what I've retained so far, I believe Merck's Metafolin is the preferred source of folate and that some supplements may contain only partial Metafolin.

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!


Senior Member
My doctor recommended 5-MTHF by Methylpro.com. It is a capsule and I bought empty capsules at Vitamin Shop so I could start with a very low dose. It is going well so far as I am increasing the dose slowly.


Senior Member
I have been using Solgar's metafolin for quite some time now (~3 years), taking 4-5x 800mcg tabs a day (I have the MTHFR C677T++ issue)

I recently ordered a bottle of the Thorne 5mg 5-MTHF and this morning I took half capsule to try it out... Boy this one is powerful!

I don't get the same "kick" from the 3x 800 Metafolin I usually take in the morning. Did anyone else also found such difference between the two?