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For the record, CYP-chemical interactions and +/+, +/-, -/- SNP status seem to be backed by research:
Are you saying drugs and your inability to metabolize them properly caused you health issues? As that is how it seems to me just now and I have often though the exact same thing.

As for histamine... I have issues can't sort them but I have them I clicked on the link you gave and here is my list
from 23 and m3 it is the only program I have ...

ABP1 rs10156189 150553475 C or T not genotyped
ABP1 rs10156191 150553605 C or T C / T
ABP1 i6025303 150554157 A or G G / G
ABP1 rs201353384 150554255 A or G not genotyped
ABP1 rs1049742 150554553 C or T C / C
ABP1 i6056406 150554798 C or T C / C
ABP1 rs2071514 150554887 A or G not genotyped
ABP1 rs45558339 150554995 A or G G / G
ABP1 rs2301257 150555547 C or T not genotyped
ABP1 rs10893 150555915 A or G not genotyped
ABP1 rs184475301 150555967 C or T not genotyped
ABP1 rs1049748 150556002 C or T not genotyped
ABP1 rs11771771 150557578 A or G not genotyped
ABP1 rs1049793 150557665 C or G C / G
ABP1 rs150589026 150557704 A or G not genotyped
ABP1 rs35070995 150557707 A or C A / A
ABP1 rs12539 150558366 C or T not genotyped

came back to add this
Genes Marker (SNP) Genomic Position Variants Your Genotype
COMTrs737866 19930109 C or T C / T
COMTrs737865 19930121 A or G A / G
COMTrs737864 19930159 C or T C / T
COMTrs9332316 19930274 C or T C / C
COMTrs1544325 19931668 A or G G / G
COMTrs174675 19934051 C or T C / T
COMTrs5993882 19937533 G or T G / T
COMTrs5993883 19937638 G or T G / G
COMTrs7290221 19942680 C or G C / G
COMTrs4646312 19948337 C or T C / T
COMTrs35919169 19948679 A or G G / G
COMTrs5748492 19948751 G or T G / G
COMTrs34686565 19948845 A or G A / A
COMTrs165656 19948863 C or G C / G
COMTrs165722 19949013 C or T C / T
COMTrs6269 19949952 A or G A / G
COMTrs6270 19950150 C or G G / G
COMTrs4633 19950235 C or T C / T
COMTrs6267 19950263 G or T G / G
COMTrs740602 19950268 A or G G / G
COMTrs2239393 19950428 A or G A / G
COMTrs740601 19950763 G or T G / T
COMTrs769223 19951201 A or G G / G
COMTrs4680 19951271 A or G A / G
COMTrs769224 19951804 A or G G / G
COMTrs165631 19951816 C or T C / C
COMTrs4646316 19952132 C or T C / T
COMTrs165774 19952561 A or G G / G
COMTrs174696 19953176 C or T T / T
COMTrs174699 19954458 C or T T / T
COMTrs9306235 19955157 A or G G / G
COMTrs9332377 19955692 C or T C / C
COMT i6033218 19956180 A or C C / C
COMTrs14968 19956433 C or T C / C
COMTrs11544667 19956434 C or T T / T
COMTrs165599 19956781 A or G A / A
COMTrs165728 19957023 C or T T / T

I am thinking this one needs to be looked at closer..... ABP1rs35070995 150557707 A A for me at least... but I really don't understand it so just a guess... I can think sometimes but not all the time... brain fog progresses to something more solid some day more like brain mush.
Feedback or knowledge shared on my situation is welcomed.
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I was mucking about online looking for histamine information found this some of you clear headed people may find some worth inside this link from a functional medicine doctor

talks of the ABP1 histamine breakdown genes but also HNMT and lists the snps

"HNMT produces the enzyme that uses a methyl group to degrade histamine in the body. The ABP1 gene also clears histamine with the DAO enzyme. If there are many SNPs, and low methyl groups, there is the potential for high histamine. This can result in high levels of zonulin, which can cause gut inflammation and the potential for leaky gut. Over time, this may contribute to autoimmune disorders. Avoiding high histamine foods (alcoholic beverages and fermented foods) may be helpful as well as taking high amounts of Histamine Scavenger. Sometimes dosages need to be 9 to 12 per day in the beginning, and then can reduce over time. Histamine Scavenger may need Pro SAMe if there are low methyl groups. If there is a lot of histamin"
edit to put in the quotes obvious to me but maybe not to others these are not my words :)

A lot of other things are covered bit much for me just now hope it is useful to some people here.
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The cytochrome P450s (CYPs) are a superfamily of heme-containing mixed function oxygenases that catalyse the regio- and stereo-selective oxidation of a wide variety of xenobiotics including drugs. While in vitro high throughput screenings using hepatocytes and microsomes are routinely conducted in drug discovery settings, summarized information on drug metabolisms can also be obtained from public literatures. The present study was initiated to develop a natural language processing system specializing in extracting information on CYP-drug interactions. This system utilizes an open-source language processing system GATE, implementing the rules that identify chemical names and extract CYP-drug interaction information in a context-based manner, together with a chemical name dictionary (>100,000 compounds registered). Information extraction was performed by the following steps: identification of chemical and CYP names in the text, transformation of sentences into multiple simple clauses implying each single event, and pattern matching of keyword sequences within the clauses, where the compounds were categorized in substrates, inhibitors, and inducers. Using PubMed database, approximately 2000 compounds names were obtained by the present system. When 100 PubMed abstracts regarding CYP3A4 were randomly selected to examine feasibility of the system, it was found that the present text mining system gave a high performance on extraction of chemical names (0.871 recall, 0.941 precision) and CYP-chemical interactions (0.852 recall, 0.920 precision). For about 1000 compounds that are registered in PubChem, structure-activity relationship analysis was conducted by an extended recursive partitioning method. The analysis revealed 1) CYP2C9 and CYP2C19 are similar in substrate specificity, 2) substrates and inhibitors for CYP2E1 are smaller in molecular size, 3) substrates for CYP2D6 and CYP3A4 are relatively larger, 4) many of CYP2D6 substrates are cationic, and 5) compounds that are not cationized at neutral do not tend to inhibit CYP2D6 activity. These trends can be intuitively understood by a large-scale data visualization technique HeiankyoView, which can represent hierarchically structured data with rectangular icons and borders.

I have an issue with one of these cyps...
Responsible for the metabolism of many drugs and environmental chemicals that it oxidizes. It is involved in the metabolism of drugs such as antiarrhythmics, adrenoceptor antagonists, and tricyclic antidepressants.
CYP2D6 gene
and think some drugs I have taken have hurt me.