The Folates as a Trigger


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I seem to be able to handle 4 of the simplified 5 supps well. Taking lots of B12. Not doing great, but not completely taken down with detox. But, when I add the folates, I am hit hard. (Actually never worked up to 2 tablets of the HH multi.. )

What does this mean? When I added the folates (small doses), I was in excrutiating pain. Came off, the pain subsided. Took urine metals tests and was dumping 9 metals and that was 2 days after stopping the folates.

My baseline metals test showed me dumping 4 metals prior to starting the methylation protocol. Is this normal? Two of my doctors, both in the IV chelation business thought this was very strange and a sign I am very toxic. I was taking chlorella and modifilan, but one doc said that these should be binding more than that. I was also taking phos serine and b12 prior at the time of the baseline test.

I am not back on the folates. Having amalgams removed and neural therapy which was recommended to me before pursuing KPU therapy to help my body deal with releasing metals, which I seem to need with the methylation protocol as well.

Thank you for any insights.