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The Cell Wall


Senior Member
I am going over my methlylation results from a lab and see in the interpretation guide that low folic acid could be caused by loss of intergrity of the cell wall.

Brian Peskin and Patricia Kane and associates.. two separate entities.. have both come to the conclusion that omega 6 should be in higher proportion to omega 3 for the cell wall.

According to Peskin, the ratio differs greatly between different kinds of human cell walls from 1:1 to I cant remember.. pretty high. He recommends a 2:1 ratio, I think... well YES essential oil capsules are 2:1 and based on his work. Kane I know recommends a 4:1 ratio.

Why do yasko and others still recommend a higher omega 3 ratio to omega 6. Does it really not matter.

I am concerned about my cell walls! What happens if you make sure to take in 6 and 3.. with no ratio in mind.. do you cells use what they need.. and then what happens to the rest? Fodder for bacteria? Who cares!?

I know on the yasko protocol I am supposed to limit lipids because of an NOS (possible and or a CBS upregulation.. ). This is really troubling to me.

Any thoughts? Any other way to address cell wall integrity?



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Ashland, Oregon
Robin - Cell Wall Integrity

Hi Robin,

Most of information regarding omega fats ratios are beyond my understanding. I'm not sure whether one can give definitive ratios for all people since we're all so different.

I read a few years ago that the sulfur supplement MSM (somewhat related to DMSO) increases cell wall permeability. After reading about this, I started taking MSM several years ago, and shortly after developed what I would call a detoxification cold.

So my experience indicated to me that what I read about MSM is probably true. Another thing I noticed with MSM is that it somewhat decreases gray hair. I guess a nice little side benefit.

I actually came on the board tonight because of a post of yours I saw earlier regarding your sister. I'm going to go back over to it now as it strikes me as an extraordinary story. Thanks for sharing it. I'll probably reply at some point after I've had a chance to think it over a bit more.

Best, Wayne