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Thanks to Cort for the hard work...


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Logan, Queensland, Australia
Thank you Cort

Hi everyone,

I'ld like to second everything on this thread and add something extra.

There are lots of things lacking in the lives of ME and CFS patients. One that is rarely addressed is a place in the community. Phoenix Rising is like a second home for many of us. The people at PR are almost family, we have a sense that we have a place in the world and there is still meaning to our lives.

Without Phoenix Rising this would not be possible.

Without Cort, Phoenix Rising wouldn't exist.

Only a small minority of ME and CFS patients have had a positive global impact. I consider you to be one of them Cort.

Thank you,


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Arizona in winter & W. North America otherwise
Thank - you for all that you do. We are fortunate to have you in our "cort"

:) Thanks everyone - I love how the Forums turned out. Aftermath bugged me and bugged me and I said Well alright then! - little knowing they would turn out to be such a hit and provide a chance for a community to show up....It is indeed good to take a chance sometimes! Thanks for all your nice words I deeply appreciate them. And thanks for Mark for the wonderful profile.

The goal, of course, is to get the Phoenix to Rise - for CFS to be recognized as a legitimate disorder by the medical profession and be treated accordingly with all the funding and assistance that that entails and for all our personal Phoenix's to rise - out of the ashes and into the fullness of life....

To paraphrase a favorite show

So say we all!